‘Red Ring of Death’ is not the biggest console breaker

According to specialist online gadget insurer Protectyourbubble.com, a quarter of all games console claims (24%) are for spilt drinks. Stephen Ebbett, director, Protectyourbubble.com comments: “Consoles are no longer just for solitary gamers. Families and groups of friends getting together for a karaoke contest on SingStar or a competitive game of tennis on the Wii Sport in the living room with food and drink nearby ups the risk of spillages. Unfortunately, electrics and liquids just don’t mix.”

“Games consoles are expensive to buy and replace, which is why it pays to make sure they are covered against breakdown, accidental damage, loss and theft. Given the high amount of claims we see for spilt drinks, it is worth making sure your policy covers you for liquid spillages as standard.”

Protectyourbubble.com’s list of the top five most common games console claims is dominated by breakdown problems, with software problems, constituting more than a third (35%) of all claims, in poll position.

The Xbox 360’s infamous Red Ring of Death is the cause of 14% of all games console claims. The insurer has spoken to numerous owners of the Xbox who report flashing red lights around the machine’s power button, indicating a technical issue that can cause the console to freeze mid-play and can also affect the game’s graphics.

The age-old problem of being unable to retrieve a game stuck in the machine also made it to the top five, with 5% of claims, while hardware failure outside of the manufacturer’s warranty prompted 16% of claims.

Top five most common games console claims:

1.       Software problems (33%)
2.       Spilt drink (24%)
3.       Hardware failure (16%)
4.       ‘Red Ring of Death’ (14%)
5.       Game stuck in machine (5%)