Red Faction: DLC Inbound

If you’re getting close to mining every last piece of ore and tracking those hidden radio tags, fear not! There’s more single-player destruction on the way to Red Faction Guerrilla!

We’re proud to announce today, the coming of three download packs for RFG. The first of which – “Demons of the Badlands” – will feature a single-player mission arc that takes place in an entirely new Mars landscape outside of the existing expansive world.

Demons of the Badlands” will be available for download on Xbox® LIVE and PlayStation® Network on August 13th for 800 MS Points or $9.99. We’ve also provided 5 new screenshots for a hint at what’s to come in just a little more than a month. We’ll have more details incoming later on, detailing more information on this DLC package and others, so be sure to continue watching this front page.


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