This review is an unedited version of the review written by Zombie Dredd and published in the Tech Magazine: Issue 40 December 2016.

ReCore is an intriguing title when first booted up. It is set in a world far from Earth and 200 years in the future. The game is a hybrid of third-person shooter and platform game set in a semi-open world.

Playing as the seemingly last surviving colonist on this new world called Far Eden you must battle, scavenge and generally repossess the cores reflected in the game’s title. These cores represent the power needed to power elements in the world – especially the multitude of doors.

Of course, walking around and expecting the cores to be easily found does not a game make. You will encounter enemies that can be relinquished of their valuable cores and resources – both of which are also needed to upgrade your weapons and corebot companions.

The corebots (which come in three variants) are useful in negotiating puzzles and for combat, and add a certain charm to things. In many ways they are the heart and soul (and core) of ReCore.

Graphically it is simply OK, with little diversity. The game quickly becomes repetitive with the same core mechanics at work, only with different colour enemies (representing the core colours available). The story is generally lost in this world that seems to have opted for rinsing and repeating things.

However, ReCore is a game with some inexcusable issues that affect gameplay. Falling through the game world multiple times is infuriating, and is then followed by extended load times. There are bugs and framerate issues, that leave one asking if the game should have been held back longer before release.

ReCore is a game that has some great ideas, but it is unfortunately a game that disappoints almost more than it delights. Sadly, ReCore is a difficult game to recommend, but would be a good one to pick up on sale.

Score: 5/10
Available for: Xbox One and PC
Distributed by: Microsoft and available at all retailers of games