I read a rather interesting article about Red Dead Redemption reviews obtaining critical acclaim, which AttackOfTheFanboy seem to think are a little stretched from the truth.

The title has been receiving near perfect review scores so one would expect the title to be near perfect.  But in the reality of Red Dead Redemption is that its bugs and problems are reportedly easily detectable by anyone that has played the game’s multiplayer component. The site even claim that when these bugs were ‘googled,’ it seemed that they were not the only ones experienceing these bugs. So rightfully the question is asked of how a ‘buggy’ game can reach such high scores?

From the article:
So, you have to ask yourself when visiting these sites.  ” Do these guys have my best interests in mind?”  Because the term “professional” means for money.  So, these “professional” journalists likely took money in some form or fashion to overlook any problems that they may have encountered, to basically lie to you the consumer.

We at Zombiegamer will refrain from making our own comment regarding this as we have not played the game. I am sure the game is great, but I must say as a gamer and by no means a ‘journo’ – they do make a loud statement to me.