rAge 2014

Sadly, due to reasons (planning a zombie apocalypse and such), Zombiegamer’s regulars r0gue Zombie and Zombie Dredd could not attend rAge this year. Yes, yes. Boo! Hiss! Etc.

However, two (more than) honorary zombies (we’ll call them rAge Zombie and Rebel Zombie Monkey) were heading to the Coca-Cola Dome for the first time, so we wrangled them in to be our eyes, ears and brain tasters and we feel they did a mighty fine job of doing just that. These are their thoughts (translated into English) of some of their highlights. We think they had a rather great time.


Evolve_Logo_01The game appeared to be a popular draw card this weekend at the Megarom stand, resulting in less hands-on time than they wanted. The game is best played with a four-man (and women) team made up of the four classes – assault, trapper, medic and support – against the angry monster. By all accounts, the game proved popular with both critics and gamers in general.

Pre-ordering the game will get you exclusive access to a new DLC monster.


Bloodborne_01The game appealed to the darker side of Rebel Zombie Monkey who was impressed with the graphics and the game’s darker theme. The graphics impressed, as did the controls and smooth gameplay. The characters and themes are certainly not of the fluffy-bunny variety, and we think a glowing endorsement of any game is one where after only a relatively short time, someone would “really like to get the game”.

The game will be available on 6 February 2015 exclusively for the PS4.

Mortal Kombat X

MK X_01The code that was available to play showed of the game’s smooth gameplay and great graphics. In fact, the exact description of the graphics was that they are “argh grrr. Argh, argh grrr.” Or really good. Really, really good.

Each character has three variations which means that even playing against each other with the same character there will be a variety of fighting moves available. The button layout feels slightly different to previous games and the new characters appealed, making them a welcome addition to the franchise.

The Order: 1886

The Order 1886_01The Victorian steampunk game was described as “promising” by our correspondents. With good visuals and a “relatively easy to pick up and play” control system, the game may appeal to those looking for a decent third-person cover shooter.

However, there was minimal gameplay available on the floor and a demo that was cutscene heavy with no option to skip has left a little guesswork on exactly how the game will turn out on its release next year.

Dying Light

dying_lightThe game that encourages the killing of zombies proved a hit with our two (dis)members of the horde. Apparently battering their (now ex-) friends heads in with the various weapon creations left them “wanting more”.

The day/night effects and varying zombie AI (some – like those that write here – are smarter than others) was well received by our undercover humans, who also felt the game was easy to pick up and play.

However, the world did not feel as open world as they claim on the tin and some of the infected appeared a little overpowered.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within Logo_01This we suspected would always be the Rebel Zombie Monkey’s game, and we weren’t wrong. She felt there were traits similar to The Last of Us and Dying Light, with good graphics and atmospheric music.

Strangely, the controls appeared smoother on the PS4 than the Xbox One, but generally, the game kept you absorbed with a storyline that left you wanting to know more.

The enemies (or Haunted) are beasts of beauty, but the game will be one that leaves those with weaker wills a little freaked out – even some with a penchant for horror games normally. So get ready for frights we suggest.

The Evil Within is now available to buy.


We can only reminisce about our first time at rAge, but like all first time zombies, the bright lights and sounds are distracting and appealing (top tip for when the zombie apocalypse hits), and this year did not disappoint.

They had a great time with The Crew, Far Cry 4 and plenty of members of the community (for their brains. Of course).

There were plenty of vendors selling artwork, hand-made items, gothic and alternative goodies, as well as bobble-heads (in so many flavours, there’s sure to have been one for you), jewellery, plushies, 3D moulds, and some “really cool zombie figs” (not the fruit we’re assuming, but figurines) at the Dark Carnival stand.

Of course, as with every rAge, most gaming retailers go stir crazy and slash the price of numerous hardware items and software, and if all that doesn’t make you wish you were there this year (we do! We do!) then you’re more dead inside than any member of the horde.

Winners and Losers

For our two undead brethren, there were a number of games that if we were the type to hand out awards, they would get gold, while there was one or two that disappointed.

Rebel Zombie Monkey gives a joint game of the show to The Evil Within and Bloodborne, while rAge Zombie had his undead heart stolen by Mortal Kombat.

Disappointment came by way of Assassin’s Creed Unity which didn’t really blow rAge Zombie away. For the rebel in the duo, Alien Isolation didn’t grab her as much as the other titles did.

While there was no hands-on with Batman: Arkham Knight, the game “looks awesome” and features “new moves, slicker handling of character” with finishing moves utilising the Batmobile and new environmental take downs.

And that was it for the two shambling zombie representatives who had to endure their flight home under the scrutiny of a bunch of petrified humans. We warned them that nibbling on human fingers for a snack would not be a good idea on the plane.

A thanks from the Zombiegamer crew to both rAge Zombie (better known as Dylan Rosser) and Rebel Zombie Monkey (known as Astrid Lochner in human form) for their feedback and representing for Zombiegamer at rAge 2014.

Photos from the weekend will be uploaded to our Facebook Page.