While the majority of the over 32,000 attendees carried on about their business on the main floor of the Coca-Cola Dome at rAge 2013, the gladiators of the eSports scene in South Africa were battling it out in the bowels of the building.

Twelve different championships were being played over PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and the players were playing for their share of a prize pool worth more than most people earn in a lifetime – R1.3 million. Yes. That is a lot of money and prizes. And no-one wanted to share.

Our congratulations to all the winners. Please note, where possible we have attempted to confirm names via the DoGaming website. Links to their coverage can (where applicable) be followed via the links below.

IMG_1318FIFA 13 (Xbox 360)

First Place: Irshaad ‘IRI_007’ Mahomed (R5,000 and 1x Monster MVP Carbon headphones)

Second Place: Andrew-Lee Tobias (R1,500)

Third Place: Francois ‘Fraansman’ Van Schalkwyk (R500)

Quake Live

First Place: Paulo ‘Theosis’ Oliveira (R5,000 cash)

Second Place: Rhuan ‘sp4ceman’ Williamson (R1,500)

Third Place: Mark ‘bvd.DuelStar’ (R500)

GT 5

First Place: David ‘GTAS_PEETHAM’

Second Place: Luke ‘RKU-Ryoku_Skywalker’ McDowell

Third Place: El-juan ‘Dupie1986’ Du Plessis

IMG_1334FIFA 13 (PC)

First Place: Wonga ‘WONGA99’ Denga (R5,000 and 1x Monster MVP Carbon headphones)

Second Place: Vincent ‘HoboSkills777’ Reid (R1,500)

Third Place: Francois ‘Cooper’ Da Sousa (R500)

Call of Duty 4IMG_1344

First Place: iM’CMRAGE (R10,000 cash)

Second Place: Roccat Trinedy (R5,000)

Third Place: Kold Ocean Gaming (R2,000)

CS: GOIMG_1356

First Place: Bravado (R10,000 in cash and Logitech gaming gear)

Second Place: Damage Control (R5,000 in cash and Logitech gaming gear)

Third Place: Energy eSports (R2,000 in cash and Logitech gaming gear)

FIFA 13 (PS3)IMG_1361

First Place: Wasim ‘LEEDSUNITED4LYF’ Ebrahim (R5,000 and 1x Monster MVP Carbon headphones)

Second Place: Riaasat ‘lllMOMZAYlll’ Ebrahim (R1,500)

Third Place: Uwais Patel (R500)

Battlefield 3IMG_1372

First Place: Bravado (R20,000 and 8x Alienware Aurora PC’s)

Second Place: eLement (R15,000)

Third Place: BerZerK Gaming (R10,000)

StarCraft IIIMG_1386

First Place: Duncan ‘Frickel’ Skiblet (R6,000, 1x Alienware Aurora PC’s and Hardware from Coolermaster)

Second Place: Rob ‘PandaTank’ Botha (R4,000 and Hardware from Coolermaster)

Third Place: Travis ‘Shase’ Weedon (R3,000 and Hardware from Coolermaster)

Black Ops 2IMG_1396

First Place: Roccat Osiris (R20,000 and 5x Alienware Aurora PC’s)

Second Place: eN (Energy eSports) Blaze (R15,000)

Third Place: Bravado (R10,000)

League of LegendsIMG_1405

First Place: Roccat Re Vera (R20,000 and 5x Alienware Aurora PC’s)

Second Place: Unleash Llama (R15,000)

Third Place: In Teemo We Trust (R10,000)

Dota 2IMG_1414

First Place: eN.Legs (Energy eSports) (R20,000 and 5x Alienware Aurora PC’s)

Second Place: Bravado (R15,000)

Third Place: iM’CMSTORM (R10,000)

For all our photos of the Do Gaming Championships, please check out our Facebook Album.