Quantum of Solace 007 – Review (X360)

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira


I recently broke my thumb-rule of ‘no movie based games’. They are usually a huge let down, and I can’t remember a good one. The James Bond series has to be a favorite amongst most males and who can say they’ve never wanted to be 007. With all his gadgets, cars and women, he must have captured the imagination of every young boy at some stage. Then seeing as Treyarch developed and Activision published Quantum of Solace, plus used the IW game engine first used in COD 4 , it did give me hope.


Features and gameplay

You play as Daniel Craig’s James Bond through various scenes in the series’ films – Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. I must say they did manage to pick out some of the best parts, and as a 007 movie fan, you should be well pleased.

You have all his weapons and staff available to you as you ‘spy’ your way to the grand finale. You are in FPS view, but Bond switches to TPS view when you go into cover.

The button lay-out, aiming and firing shows that it is using the COD game-engine and is very fluid most of the time.

The game allows you four different difficulty levels starting with a very under-whelming easy to the most difficult setting which I found most exciting and fun.

The combat mode is for me this game’s charm, allowing for a nice variety from stealth, sniping, full-on shooting battles.

The ‘balancing’ and ‘picking lock’ systems did loose its appeal quickly but was well done overall.

There is online mode which gives you various battle modes, but it does not have a big following.


  • Cod engine makes it for a stealthy well rounded shooter.
  • Refreshing to play a shooter that’s not a ‘war-based’ game
  • Mixture of action and stealth
  • Exciting most of the time
  • The most difficult level is challenging for us novice shooters, but never insanely difficult.



  • Short if you are not chasing gamescore.
  • Not too challenging on the normal difficulties.
  • Graphics issues i.e. anti aliasing, pixilation and clipping here and there.
  • It looks like a ‘low-budget’ game.
  • The switching from FPS to TPS view when going into ‘cover’ was disorientating at times.



I suspect that had it not been confined to the restrictions of the movie-plot and allowing the developers to run with it, it could have been an absolute hit. Despite all its issues, Treyarch still managed to deliver the excitement and variation that comes with Bond’s spy world, in a very fun package that kept me interested throughout the game. It sure was a fun game, even though for the most part it felt like a ‘low budget’ game. Now that it can be picked up at a good price, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun first-person-shooter.

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