#PWND have announced that one Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and one Call of Duty Advanced Warfare who participated in the Electronics & Gaming Expo tournaments over the weekend of 29-31 May will receive a 50% discount voucher for their ‘eSports Package’.

#PWND are a South African “clan gear and custom apparel” company and have offered PC CS: GO team Eternal Conflict and Xbox One Call of Duty team Astra Infinite the discount on logo and jersey design, as well as 5 clan jerseys.

In the Corsair CS: GO Championship administrated by Orena with infrastructure by eHaven, Eternal Conflict finished top of their group and fourth overall.

Astra Infinite finished in first spot in the Xbox One Advanced Warfare tournament (hosted by Clan Connection) in their first LAN event as a full team.


The decision by #PWND was not based on the team’s placings but on the teams they felt would best benefit from the opportunity for new kit. Previous teams and kits to get the #PWND treatment include ViNCO Gaming, eN_F34R, Insane Gaming and others.

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