Publishing Exec Says “Absurdly Entitled” Gamers Contribute to Need for High Cost Games

An unnamed employee of a “large gaming publisher” is blaming the games industry for creating “absurdly entitled” consumers.

Citing BioWare’s decision to famously redo the Mass Effect 3 ending after many players voiced their dissatisfaction with the ending, the industry executive believes this could set a dangerous example.

CVG are reporting on the recent live Q&A on Kotaku where readers could get answers from a ‘megacompany’ employee within the publishing sector.

When the discussion got to the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy, the anonymous insider said he believes the high cost of games contributes to the demanding nature of players.

“Gamers are absurdly entitled, but I think they got there because we ask so much money from them every step of the way. No one’s demanding reshoots for the final Matrix, because it only cost you 10 bucks to see it. Sometimes I think we in the industry lose sight of what it’s like to pay $60 for a piece of entertainment.”

“We’re worried about the precedent that Bioware set here. Will it fan the flames on future titles? No one knows for sure.”