Orena has been the most active PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) host in South Africa with weekly custom nights for players to jump in, have some fun and claim a chicken dinner. However, with the competitive element of the game picking up worldwide, they have recently announced a more competitive scrim night for those keen to still win a chicken dinner. But in a more serious environment.

ViNCO Gaming PUBG player VnCo Dexo chatted to us about where things stand in the local competitive PUBG scene, as well as a his hopes for the title going forward. He also offered up some insights into the Orena plans having worked with founder Luca Tucconi in bringing the scrim night idea to life.

So what’s happening over at Orena right now?

As of today the semi-competitive scrim night ladder has been announced and sign ups are open for competitive or new teams with a limit of 20 teams and some prizes for top placing teams. All matches will be hosted on a Thursday with live casters on the Orena Twitch channel.

Why is this important for the local scene?

Basically this is a huge step because Orena have plans for the near month(s) in which we take the best few teams from the scrim nights and host qualifiers in order to establish a pro league with maybe some sponsored prizes and so on, but that’s still in the pipe line and finer details need to still be ironed out.

What does this mean for the community?

This scrim night is a big step into encouraging casual players with a competitive drive to formulate or join teams and compete which ultimately will grow the esports rapidly.
I’ve spoken to friends and made contacts with people who are all relatively big streamers in the local PC community and most will be joining in and streaming as either players or casters, making this possibly the next big thing for South African Esports a little down the line.

How are you involved in the local PUBG competitive scene?

Basically I am captain of Vinco’s PUBG team, however I’ve taken it upon myself to aid in furthering the scene as many people are new and unsure with hosting PUBG tournaments. I am currently consulting for Luca over at Orena and helping him check over the hard work he’s doing. I’ve also chatted to other tournament hosters who would like me to consult over coming tournaments and so on. I’m constantly contacting PUBG corp and enquiring possibilities regarding South Africa and servers and so on.

What are the current issues locally around PUBG?

I’ve been chatting to tournament hosters trying to encourage the process of gaining custom server access needed to host tournaments and the response is that they are very interested and keen to host tournaments however they cannot gain access
To custom servers.
However, I have spoken to staff at PUBG corp and they are in the process of converting to a new system which brings easy access to custom servers.

What would additional local custom servers mean for the local scene?

Even though Orena are hosting exciting things locally at the moment and near future, as soon as custom server access is granted there will be a huge amount of local interest resulting in yet again, possibly the next big thing.

What PC setup do you have?

As a life Long PC enthusiast ive been building and upgrading for years. I’m currently on a 1080 TI, i7 7700k, 16GB DDR3 RAM and a 500GB SSD.

Why do you love PUBG?

Some might remember me from the OG COD scene back in 2013, and basically after competing in Ghosts I moved over to PC in which I tried for a while to compete and mirror the competitive aspect Xbox had, but never found my groove in any of the available games.
So I stopped trying to seek competitive and just played for fun. Then, luckily, PUBG came out and I immediately loved the game. It further developed internationally into an esports and this just reminded me of the feeling to compete and gave me back that drive to just grind and plow 4-6 hours a day into the game.

You’ve put in a fair amount of time into the PUBG – what keeps pulling you back?

Well, what I love about PUBG is that it’s random. Your first 500 hours of the game will never be the same as the previous hour, however as you climb higher in rank and game time towards the 1000 hour mark, you start figuring out the strats behind winning constantly however, the RNG (random number generator) poses a constant challenge to your predefined strategy making it, in my opinion, one of the most complex games for a 4 man esports. You see, the game is random on a micro level, meaning small things will constantly change and you cannot account for them, however on a macro level the game will stay the same if your team is good and experienced. This is essentially why I love it so much and cannot get enough of the competitive scene.

What are your hopes for the game?

There is such a wide spread demand for PUBG competitive locally and things are only getting started. My hopes are that we get easy access to custom servers in the short term, and official South African or African servers in the long term.

In closing, where can people find you?

I’m always active on Twitter giving #PUBGZA updates.
And I’m starting to stream over at Twitch and will be live in the coming weeks with PUBG stream collabs with people like UFD Tech, Geemax, Vinco BLU3 and so on.
If your interested in chatting about anything PUBG related hit me up on Twitter or add me on Steam.

The Orena scrim ladder starts Thursday and registrations are open now. You can find Orena here: Facebook | Twitter | Website | Twitch