PS4’s major system update 1.70 arrives end April


The fairly substantial PS4 system update 1.70 is reportedly arriving next week, April 30.

IGN report that Sony announced the European date for the update, so it’s assumed the rest of the world will be around then.

Still no YouTube! It is however updating some important stuff.

The update includes SHAREfactory, the “new rich video editor app that makes it easy for you to customize your gameplay videos.”

Importantly to, users will be able to upload videos directly to Facebook, or save them to a USB device.

On the recording side of things, users will also be able to turn HDCP off, so you can capture directly from HDMI, allowing you to record longer clips.

And the other really handy new feature will be the Ability to download games that you’ve pre-ordered, which then unlock on the release date.

While it does seem way more than a pointless update, seriously, YouTube! Please Sony speak to who you need to, sign what you need to, we want YouTube. Currently you can’t even watch YouTube videos directly by connecting through the Explorer. When you try you are met with “needs Adobe to play” message.