*an artist’s impression of a PS4*

Sony’s next generation console is codenamed “Thebes” and is due in “Spring/Autumn 2014” according to a new report.

According to Japanese sources speaking to tech site SemiAccurate, the console which was previously know as “Orbis” is to be powered by an “AMD CPU and GPU” and that is almost all they know.

According to the site:

“Other than it being an AMD CPU and GPU, we don’t have much more specific details.”

“It is said to be a 28nm part, likely fabbed at Global Foundries or IBM for the first run, and out after Oban. That would most likely be the spring of 2014, but it could be fall of that year too.”

The “Oban” referred to is apparently the name of the developer test system chip being used for the next generation Xbox.  According to SemiAccurate Microsoft’s next console’s  internal codename is Kryptos, and not the previously heard Durango.

The site goes on to says that Oban is still scheduled for mass production before the end of 2012 with the console’s launch planned for September 2013, but that problems like “painfully low” yields (a measure of functioning devices) could still delay that timeline.

Nothing like a little bit of rumour and maybe even speculation to see the late afternoon in right?