We have spoken to Ster-Kinekor who say there is no “official” word on a permanent price drop.

There is however some amazing promotions going on in collaboration between SKE and participating retailers:

– Vita + four games for R2300 (+/- R1100)
– Limited offer for Wi-Fi console at R2000

So it looks like a good time to buy the console!


If a leaked US retail advertisement that recently surfaced is anything to go by, then the PS Vita may see a price drop.

Joystiq report that an ad was spotted with a new price of $200, $50 less than the current price in the region.

It is unclear whether it is a temporary or a permanent price drop. It is also unclear with it would or would not be a regional price drop or special.

Given how long the Vita has been around, it would not come as a surprise to see a price drop. Japan saw a reduction this past February, however at the time, SCE president said the US would not receive the same drop.

Locally, we are almost sure we can expect the usual Christmas specials around the Holiday season. Last year we saw some retailers offering deals for the Wi-Fi version for as little as R 2000.00.

We have reached out to Ster-Kinekor to confirm if anything is on the cards for South Africa. We’ll keep you posted.