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This review is an unedited version of the review written by Zombie Dredd and published in the Tech Magazine: Issue 23 August 2015.

Project Cars really does give itself away with its name. It is a game about cars, and if that’s not your sort of thing, then Project Cars will not be your kind of game.

To further compound this, if you prefer your car games to be more arcade-like in nature, Project Cars will cause you a fair amount of concern, as it is a little more simulation focused and will cause some to feel a little like the car is uncontrollable. This of course is not actually the case – it’s just that going around a corner at 180km per hour is not really the normal thing to do, and Project Cars will remind you of that. You can adjust the driver aids to help you a little, but I’d suggest getting used to the game with slightly more pedestrian vehicles – even though the Mclaren P1might be overly tempting.

The game ships with more than 60 cars (with more to become available via download) over a variety of classes, as well as 30 locations and over 100 tracks. Sadly, the vehicle variety is not as rewarding as the number seems to indicate, and while each car and class does handle uniquely, the lack of car customisation – such as decals and inability to upgrade – is a disappointment.

Project Cars offers players a number of modes to get stuck into, with plenty of opportunity to customise whether you will do practice, qualifiers or simply one rolling start lap against no-one. However the career mode, compared to the Project Car’s endorsement-rich competitors, is a little hollow.

On Xbox One, the graphics were not up to the level I was anticipating when the game was first shown off, but that’s not to say it’s an ugly game. Weather, day/night cycles, vehicle debris and more add to the immersion of being in a real race, and the game’s sound only helps cement this. The roar of the engines is a thing of beauty, while the sound of scraping metal will send shivers up your spine.

Once again, the realism in terms of how you are penalised for cutting corners, leaving the track and for generally unruly driving behaviour will infuriate those looking for arcade-style thrills. For those keen for a simulator, Project Cars is the one to choose. We’d just suggest you ensure you do any updates released to improve your experience in the future.

Score: 7/10
Available for: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC
Distributed by: Megarom Interactive and available at all retailers of games

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