The lesser-spotted (in the case of this feature recently) gamer profile returns, and we arrive with a V… for Vegeta. Not the actual Dragon Ball character (he declined the interview) but probably his cousin at least twice removed. Maybe. Either way, we encourage you to get better acquainted with Vegeta ZA – champion of Gears, Games and Gains.

Go ahead.  Introduce yourself. Don’t be shy.

Yo yo yo it’s Vegeta ZA but if you know me personally you’ve probably called me Veg, Veggie and unfortunately many other names with V. Anyway, I’m all about the games and gainz! GG or G&G, whatever you prefer. I’m also brown and I have the power of making everyone speak like SA Indians whenever I join party chats or any other VoIP service.

What’s your platform of choice? Why?

Xbox One – most of my mates play on this and it’s the platform that has the games that I play (Gears, EA Access games, Halo, Forza etc.). I’m not really a racist (fanboy) when it comes to consoles/platform as I have both consoles as well as master race but I just prefer to play on my Xbox.

Can you remember the first time you ‘gamed’?

The first game that I actually remember playing was Snow Bros 2 on Mame with my bros when I was around 5/6. Fun times, when life was EZ.

How long have you been gaming?

About 16 years.

When do you think you’ll stop gaming?

When my hands don’t work like they used to before.

And my reactions have gone super slow.

Are you a serious gamer? Or do you enjoy a laugh?

Most of the time I just play because I enjoy gaming. I don’t really care about wins/losses when it comes to online UNLESS it is something I am competing in such as a tournament or an event where I’d take the game a bit more seriously and a loss would actually be disappointing as I did enter to win. If it’s anything else that isn’t a competition, then it’s just a game, scoreboard, win/loss doesn’t matter at all to me, I just want to play!

Singleplayer or multiplayer? 

Both. There are some games where I just love the SP but would never touch the MP such as Assassin’s Creed & Uncharted but there are also games where I really enjoy both the SP and MP like Gears, Halo, Cod (mp sometimes), Battlefield + many others. 

Is playing online important to you?

Very, I barely played single player the last few years because single player is for people without internet. Only started getting into single player again after Gears 4 ruined my life and made me consider starting a family because I needed to move on but then I couldn’t find anyone worthy enough to raise my child so I started playing CS:GO again, de-ranked a few times and got cyber bullied because my aim got worse than what it was 🙁 Anyway, online is important with friends. I don’t enjoy it as much if I solo search.

Are you a member of a clan? Who are they and why?

Well not really in any clan but since the Gears 2 days I’ve been with Ground Zero. Most of the members just stopped playing as they got older and there’s no time, so the clan never ended, we just stopped playing 😛 GZ is forever in my soul.

I used to play Cod4 under uSo (Unified Soldiers Order) when I just started PC gaming and I did play Black Ops 2 and BF3/4 (BF was more for the fun though) under TE (The Elite when uSo merged with them).

I’ve played Gears 4 under ViNCO Gears when we’ve entered the ACGL events and I do play CS:GO with my campus mates (some of whom I competed with in the campus LANs) under VcPk but that’s not really a clan, just mates who play together under that name so that when we have a full team everyone can see the name of the team 😛

Favourite game currently?

Honestly, nothing really, I mostly play CS:GO,  FIFA 17, Gears 4 and I’ve started playing BF1 a week ago online when I can, but not as often as I want to. Also some single player games but too many to mention. I just switch between those games depending on what I’m feeling like on the day or who wants to play. Sometimes people call me a s*** cos I’m always playing with different people 🙁

Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming? What?

Mostly, I like to lift heavy objects and make all kinds of gainz! I also enjoy movies, series, music, trolling the emotionally weak on Facebook, brightening up Twitter timelines with my bs and sometimes sliding into random DM’s to make people feel special. Also used to love video editing even though most of my videos on YouTube looked rushed (because they are) as I just wanted to upload and then later realise I should have spent more time on the editing, still enjoy it though!

You’re stranded on a desert island and a genie grants you five items. Name them:

A game: Outlast – Never played it, but if I’m on an island then I guess I have to win by outlasting whoever else is there.
A CD: Purpose.
A movie or TV series: Lost.
An organic life form: Chicken, because they can lay eggs and they are also the go-to for protein. I’ll find the rice!
Something edible or drinkable: Whey.

What’s the most embarrassing or worst game you’ve ever bought or received as a gift?

Nothing really, everything I’ve played has had some impact on me and made me the person I am today. I appreciate the good and the bad.

If you were a game designer, describe your ultimate game design.

A game where gameplay is a priority over micro transactions 😉

The zombie apocalypse has happened. You’re facing down a ravenous zombie horde (which may or may not include members of ZG in bikinis). What weapon do you grab?

Already have two guns on me so I guess I’ll grab the Longshot so that I could hope to be a long-distance sniper with pro aim.

In the aforementioned zombie apocalypse you humans are all toast. Become a turncoat and assist the superior zombies or stay with the soon to be wiped out human resistance?

I’ll be a part of the human resistance so that I could be the last man standing.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our silly questions. What game are you off to play now that you’re done?


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