finalThis week we return with our first profile feature of 2015 and it’s PC-based clan The Killah Clowns.

The clan is not only content with playing, they’re also offering tournaments with their seasons for Battlefield 4, as well as showing their social conscious with a charity drive on 1 February 2015.

So let’s get better acquainted with these clowns then…

Hello. Introduce yourself to the readers. Go on.

We are TKC (The Killah Clowns).

We are a clan of like minded gamers who believe in serious gaming fun. We mostly play first person shooters, but this is not the only gaming genres our members play.

This clan is for the members by the members. Hard work in the clan gets rewarded and there is always a possibility of advancement. Loyalty, dignity and fair play is expected from each and every clan member. You must be proud to be a member of The Killah Clowns and make your fellow members proud of your conduct and actions.

When did the clan form / How long have you been together?

Our clan formed on the 1st of April 2014, however we have been together for the better part of 3 years now. We used to play for another team, but some complications came up there and we felt it was better to move on.

What is your platform (or platforms) of choice?

The main platform we play on is on PC, however it won’t stop us from letting someone join that plays on consoles.

What games does the clan enjoy?

The main game we play as a team is the Battlefield series. There are other games that we play that are either co-op or even single player. We don’t force members to play something specific. They can play what makes them happy.

How was the clan’s name chosen?

Well that one is a bit confusing in the beginning. Started when we moved away from the old clan where we always used to call each other clowns when we did something weird or funny while in game together. Considering this happened mostly in BF4, we decided we will be the killah clowns. This wasn’t taken on well by all members until a month or so later. Now it seems as if we are making a name for ourselves in the community. And that was our aim.

Who are the leaders of the clan and what is the clan’s organisational structure like?

The clan leaders are as follows:

RIP_Jarhead, CWBear13, DanTheManrpg

The structure is that we see ourselves as equals with everyone else, however we have the rights to make changes where needed etc. So as our first motion, we added admins to our teamspeak and game servers to make it a better environment for the rest of the users.

Admins (Ingame admin to see rules are followed, and Teamspeak admin to help users.)
TS3 Admins (Have rights to help users in TS3. This is generally for certain members that are always on teamspeak and don’t play the games that we have game servers for.)

We try to have as many admins as possible so that there is always someone available when there are users on TS or in game.

How many members do you have? Keen to give out their names, credit card details and ID numbers?
Alright, only names will do.

We currently have roughly 18 members.

How often do you play together as a clan?

We play every night that we can. There are those of us that play BF4, those that play “Dota 2” and then there are those that play the co-op games. Either way we try to have some fun every night together.

Do you consider yourselves a competitive clan, or one in it more for “the shits and giggles”?

We are competitive as well as for shits and giggles.

We placed 2nd for the DGL 5v5 Domination Winter leg, and ended 3rd in the Winter 5v5 Domination playoffs. We are going to play in DGOC and then carry on with DGL in 2015.

After all that, it’s for shits and giggles.

Has the clan participated in many tournaments? Which? Won any?

Before we fell away to create TKC, we were in DGL 5v5 Summer leg and placed 4th in our group.

We then parted, and formed TKC, and the whole team except a few move with, and we took it more serious. We then placed second in the winter leg open division winter leg 2014.

We placed 3rd over all for the DGL Winter playoffs, which got us a spot in the DGOC 2014.

This gives us a chance to move to the premier division.

Is attending LANs important to the clan and its members?

As a clan we don’t really attend LANs, as we are place all over the country. So our LAN is essentially the internet. 😛

Are you guys actively recruiting for new players? If so, how should a potential member contact you and how do you decide on who is right to join you?

Yes we are actively recruiting, for both competive and social play.

They can contact us form that is on our website here.

Else they can come and join us on our teamspeak and talk to us, and we will explain to them the process: TS3: 

It is also highly advised to read the ROE and understand them.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future as a clan?

As you know, we are wanting to run a fun competition within the community to bring players together and create friendships and strengthen others. So we want to go with that and grow the clan’s members as well. The more fun we can make it with community events, the better it will be for us. We would also like to get a second team into the DGL, which the sooner the better. We also want to try make our name better known by hosting these community events and help in growing the community.

Which opposing clan(s) do you most respect?

If we have to choose, I would say that its xTc ( and BzK (, they play a really good team game, which many teams can aspire to. We for one are working on our teamwork. Without teamwork and good communication, you fall very fast. 

In regards to professional – or competitive gaming (or even gaming in general) – what do you as a clan think needs to be done to raise the profile of South African gaming?

If we as a country could compete on a level with the likes of the ESL, then we would make the gaming profession a lot better. There is however some stepping stones in the way, for instance, our internet is not up to international standards, which makes it difficult for us to actually compete with the teams overseas. There is a SA Clan (BzK “Bezerk Gaming”) that at the moment is attempting to play in some of the ESL 5v5 Domination cups, and I must say they are not doing too bad with their 200+ pings. We wish them all the best.

Some fun stuff:

If you weren’t a gaming clan you’d be…

Um, that is a good question 😛
Not gaming, that is just wrong 😛

War movie that best describes the clan?

Saving private Ryan. We are always trying to save each other in game 😛

If you guys had a music soundtrack for going to war, what would it be?

Teabag King – We made a small video of it for fun when we were in our old clan, but it suites us, as we are a bunch of clowns LOL. 

Thanks for your time – is there anything you would like to add before you head off?

Contact Information:

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