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Today we catch up with Sector 17 again who are currently riding high with their console Call of Duty team in the final of the DGL pre-season cup, where they wait for either Team Origin or Carbon Astra. The Sector 17 brand owner Charles Greeff (Sector Coach) kindly answered some questions for us. You can also read more about the clan’s year so far here.

We last caught up with Sector 17 in 2013 and you were 70 players strong back then. What have the changes been since then?

After 2013 the brand hit a speed bump with a lot of top players leaving due to their real life responsibilities and duties, if that wasn’t enough the new generation consoles was released and that put the Brand even more in danger of losing everything. We were forced to go back as just a casual gaming clan. It almost took us 2 years to rebuild our brand and with great success. We qre back on the competitive scene.

You were originally based in Port Elizabeth but that has since changed?

Yes, with the Changing times we are now based in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

Does the clan have localised teams for LANs?

At this point we are still working on it. Our aim is to have LAN teams in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

What is the clan’s organisational structure now, and each of the player’s roles in the team?

We stuck with our old structures as it seems to be working.
Brand leader : Charles Greeff
PC division leader : Robin Pretorius (He does basically everything at the brand from running the website to recruitment)
PS 4 Division leader : Alex Willemse

So Sector 17 still has multiple divisions as they did in 2013 (console and PC teams)?

Yes, we still have the multiple divisions (PC and PS 4).

What are the games the clan now focuses on over all the platforms?

On PS 4 its Call of Duty Bo3 and on PC its Counter strike, LOL and Dota 2. We are hoping to get back in Battlefield and COD on PC.

Over the years have you seen a noticeable growth in the local eSports scene?

5 years ago we hardly had 20 teams on Xbox 360 playing competitive, now we have console teams teaming up with PC brands. Different gaming brands competing overseas and you can actually get sponsor for doing something you love.

The brand is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. What are you hoping to achieve going forward?

To keep having fun… We are busy working on future ventures for the brand to keep rebuilding and growing our community. Our original aim was to be recognise as one of the Best Gaming Brands in South Africa and with our recent success of bouncing back after a huge speed bump it shows that we can still achieve it.

We assume you’re off to go and dominate someone, somewhere. Anything you would like to add before you do?

I want to give a big shout out to the 2 Division Leaders Robin Pretorius and Alex Willemse that stuck with Sector 17 Esports though the good years and bad times. With nothing to gain you guys made sure that this Brand survives!!

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