Retribution_Logo_02Another golden oldie when it comes to clans popped in to say “hi” to us again. It’s Team Retribution – or even Retribution eSports – who have been part of the local Battlefield scene on console for some time.

At a time when the more glamorous options for eSports are almost anything but Battlefield, the team steadfastly stands by the game and forms part of South Africa’s still active – albeit ‘small’ – console community.

We caught up with you back in 2013. What’s changed since then?

The clan is currently being completely revamped with a new group of members and strategy going forward for whats left of BF4 into BF5.

Are you still to be found on the Xbox and on the Battlefield?

80% of the original clan all shifted to Xbox one and Battlefield.

There’s not as much love for Battlefield on console as there are for other titles, do you think that this is likely to change? How?

That is the word yes but for those actually in the scene its not noticed so much, we all play together and be it only 5v5 for now there are at least 6 active SA clans so its enough to keep it going but does need more.

The most recent tournament hosted for console Battlefield was very community led. How was it and do you think the teams are happy to play in tournaments without much sponsorship?

Some weren’t happy and complain and yet when the organizers ask for R20 / member it was an issue so essentially no prizes because players wouldn’t commit. It sucks but it is what it is. Only time will help it grow.

Playing any other games yet?

The Division.

Who are the current members of the clan now? How different is that to the players that represented you in 2013?

The core players were all there for the league but it has died down a lot since the arrival of The Division. The clan is on a holiday from Battlefield for now.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future as a clan?

Well we have planned to rearrange the clan and lost a few members recently who started a new clan but recruitment is active and were still very much stronger than ever. All the best to the guys moving on.

Thanks for your time. Is there anything you would like to add?

Thanks to the guys at EAX for trying to make a difference. Team AoV who beat us in the final to win the league and everyone who tries to help the ZA scene.

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