Profiled: Re-visiting past Profiles

Around three months ago we kicked off a new regular Friday feature which planned to profile clans, gamers, industry sorts and other oddballs in the SA gaming community.  We were quite surprised (pleasantly) by the response from the clans and Friday quickly became the “clan day” around here – under the ‘Undead Ed chews the fat with…’ banner.  We then realised that maybe another day needed to be set aside for the more “industry” based profiles.

About a month ago, we started the more obviously named “Profiled” – mainly because we just didn’t have a better name at the time, but also because business and the industry itself is a little more serious than clans (although we’re sure some clans would beg to disagree on that point…).  Once again that proved popular – except today, no-one had responded for this week… hence this recap – and we are now faced with considering an alternative day to Q&A everyone else out there.  That is something we’ll discuss at the next Extraordinary General Meeting of Zombiegamer, where we will discuss these important matters over some snacks… finger snacks of course.

In the interim, there’s been some exciting developments for SA gaming.  Ozone Energy Drink South Africa appeared on the scene and have announced their intent to support and sponsor esports in our fair country.  Whether this has caused the glut of clans starting websites, getting on Twitter and Facebook will be one for future historians to decide, but it has proved an exciting time in the community.

So we thought the time was right to remind you of some of our early clans and industry sorts who were there when we were looking for something to write about.  These are the good folks that came along and showed us that not all humans have issues with zombies – well some of them at least.  There have been threats of violence against us due to Undead Ed’s quite normal enjoyment of nibbling on ears…

Some of the clans have updated their online footprint since we ran their profiles and we’d like to see as many people supporting them in their growth as is humanly (ugh) possible.

We kicked off the ‘Undead Ed…’ profiles/Q&A/conversation with SA’s self proclaimed “oldest Xbox clan” – High 5.  Since that article the gents have added Twitter to their lives and more beer to their bellies.

Our second week introduced F34R – one of the top Modern Warfare 3 clans on PS3 and generally a bunch of nice guys – well they made no threats against us.  F34R have now updated their Facebook Page, joined Twitter and started an official clan YouTube channel.

Team XtaZ was next to be accosted by Undead Ed.  At the time they had just won the inaugural Clan Connection Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 tournament and have since won the 2012 Do Gaming League.  They also found time to set up a website and get themselves on Twitter.

DMW – or Dead Men Walking – proved a bunch of old guys can really still enjoy playing games.  Clan leader (Craig ‘FairyGodMotherFather’) has been extremely helpful in assisting us with the Video Montage Competition we’re busy with.  Between that and playing games, he has also managed to set up a clan Twitter account, Facebook group and is busy working on a clan website – which will go live soon.

eVo proved evolution is truly possible – giving all zombies hope for immortality – and have started work on their clan website.

Clan Connection have – since their profile – updated their Twitter account and I’ve heard rumours of a website, but I may well have been high on good quality braaaaaaiiiiiinnnnsssss at the time…

Some clans and industry sorts may not have added anything new (at least, not that we’re aware of) in the past few weeks, but we still would love to mention them, so that you can head off and check out something you may have missed previously – MDK, Cape Town Showdown (who just finished 3rd Strike this past weekend), FLS, Ground Zero [LAN], Lo$T, Jeeva/Gamernet House, Phenomenal Gaming, Land of Gamers and =ASF=.

Check out all the profiles for additional information about the clans and industry sorts – all their original contact information is available there.

Over the past few weeks we’ve also started to run our old clan profiles on Mweb GameZone in an effort to help – at least we hope it does – the profile of the clans and gaming in general.  These generally go live every Friday after we’ve posted our latest article here.

We would also love to hear from the readers and community in general.  If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to do so below or email us at  You can email us too if you’re keen to get involved.  We won’t bite… hard.

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