We originally met members of PES Society a fair number of years back. What struck us at the time was their passion for the ‘other’ football game – and more so, their passion for the South African gaming and esports scene. It was that passion which drove us on and discover a game that has a rightful place in the competitive scene.

Since then, the PES Society crew have continued with their unwavering vision, bringing PES to a number of their own events, and even joining some of ours to offer attendees the Pro Evolution Soccer experience.

We thought it was high-time that you found out a little more about the organisation. If you’re a local PES player, then you should be following them and joining their ongoing activities.

When did you form PES Society?

It’s been a long journey PES Society started in 2013, but we formalised last year, and looking to go from strength to strength.

Who are the main braaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnssss (or brain…) behind PES Society?

Well braaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnssss, is a great way of putting it we are a collective of eight brains that are behind PES Society.

Is PES Society your first experience in tournament organisation?

Yes it is, but a major shout out has to go to Zombiegamer, paving the way for other orgs like ours, and showing us what’s possible in the industry especially in South Africa. [*blushes*… but without other equally passionate people, the scene would not exists. – Undead Ed] 

Which titles do you generally offer at events?

We mainly offer PES, because out goal and vision is to grow PES in our gaming industry to show PES players in Africa that there is a home for them too. We offer FIFA as well because it’s part of our annual PES vs FIFA tournament, which previously went down at the Castle of Good Hope.

Do you host online or offline events and tournaments?

We generally host offline tournaments, but that has been halted due to Covid, but we have hosted an online Euro tournament and we have an upcoming online PES League coming soon, and many more online tournaments so stay tuned!

How regularly do you host tournaments, and where can people find out about them?

We try to host as regularly as possible, people can find out about them via our website, and our social media handles.

When is your next event?

We have an upcoming online PES League coming soon, so stay tuned for those details, on our website and social media.

The South African esports scene is an active one that seems to struggle for full ‘mainstream’ coverage. What do you think the community can do to help change that?

Firstly, I think we just have to be patient, and keep on doing what we have been doing. Whether that’s on a small scale or a large scale, eventually the ‘mainstream’ coverage in South Africa will catch up. Gaming is only getting bigger and bigger, and that’s one thing the ‘mainstream’ can’t deny.

What would you like to see happen for the local esports scene in the future?

In the local esports scene, I would like to see more of what’s happening right now. Honestly, I think the local esports scene is on the right track, just more collaborative events with non esports organizations to make people aware of esports.

Thanks for your time – is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for the opportunity, and thank you for your platform giving up coming orgs like ours a voice.

One more thing wear that mask and sanitize! Stay safe during this pandemic.

You can find PES Scoiety here:
Website | Twitter Instagram | Facebook

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