Ozone Logo_01Let’s be honest, there can never be enough tournament organisers in South Africa. The more the merrier say we, as it’s a crucial part of growth and development of the competitive scene in the country.

Today, we get to know the Ozone Tournaments team a little better and find out their plans for the future.

Hi Ozone Tournaments. Give us a brief history of what brought the organisation about?

Ozone Tournaments came about in 2013 and was founded by Damian Lee. The reason it came about was because of the lack of tournaments being hosted on Playstation and as a group it would be best that we would host tournaments for the Playstation community.

Who are the main braaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnssss behind Ozone Tournaments?

Everyone :). Every single member of the Ozone team are a valuable asset, from the social media team to the referees each and every single member has their role and Ozone would not be a success without their help :).

How long have you been planning and organising events – as individuals or as a group?

We’ve been planning tournaments for almost 1 year now. We have successfully hosted 6 tournaments in just one year and we hope to host more for the Playstation community during the Advanced Warfare season.

And in the future?  Are you planning to expand beyond the online competitions maybe?

We are looking into hosting a LAN for the Durban players hopefully in the near future.

You appear to have focused on the PlayStation platform for your competitive Call of Duty events. Why did you decide to do this given the international move to Xbox One?

Considering Playstation does not have sufficient tournaments, our owner decided it will be best to help the Playstation community by hosting free online tournaments. However by December 10th 2014 Ozone will be on Xbox One as well as Playstation 4 :).

Do you think you might expand your platforms and titles in the future?

Yes, as we said we will be moving to Xbox hosting free tournaments, the only other title we looking at is FIFA 15 at the moment, but possibly more in the future.

How regularly are you planning to host tournaments? Do you have any planned for the near future?

We host a tournament once a month. Our current tournament is the #OZONEXPS4.

For more information regarding the tournament you can email us OzoneTournamentsZa@Gmail.com,  Tweet us @OzoneTZA or visit our website.

Do you think sponsorships are a vital part of the growth of eSports in SA, or is it really down to the community and their willingness to support tournaments and events regardless of prizes?

We really think it should be down to the community to support tournaments regardless of prizes. We host tournaments for the players to enjoy and it is not about competition – win or lose it doesn’t matter – what matters is you had fun and that’s what we want for all the players and teams that register for Ozone Tournaments.

Thanks for your time – is there anything else you would like to add?

No Problem, we would like to thank you for making this happen and we thank the South African Playstation community for always supporting us and we hope you carry on in the future. We Would like to also take this opportunity to thank our sponsors @GamerSkins And @DigiCodesGaming for their continuous support. If you looking to spice up your gaming equipment contact @Gamerskins, email them info@Gamerskins.co.za or visit their website www.GamerSkins.co.za or if you looking for a variety of digital downloads ranging from iTunes Gift Cards, Xbox Live, PSN Gold, Steam Vouchers and many more you can use code “Ozone” for 10% off any PSN Products only from Digi Codes. Contact them on Twitter @DigisCodesgaming Or visit their website www.Digicodes.com.

Twitter | Website | Email: OzoneTournamentsZa@gmail.com

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