The Wednesday profile feature took a short sabbatical the last few weeks – not by choice – but it’s back with a bang in the form of MainGaming.

Already an active member of the South African gaming scene and rapidly expanding to almost all regions of the country, MainGaming appear to be a bit of a juggernaut currently.  Almost all their events – usually in pretty public venues – come with hefty prize packets.  However, that appears to be the tip of the iceberg.  If you’re a Modern Warfare 3 clan playing your preferred shooter of choice on PlayStation 3, then you may be very interested in the upcoming league which boasts a full clan sponsorship valued at around R50 000.00.  Once again… who says gaming doesn’t pay?

Let’s kick this off with a little history lesson – tell us a little about when, where and why MainGaming started.

We started in the UK around 2009 and operated there for about a year and a half,  MainGaming SA started due to the lack of competitive gaming in South Africa, Our local gamers weren’t getting the exposure and the same playing field as international guys were getting, with frequent tournaments we believe that our talent can really shine! Last year for our first FIFA tournament we sent Rolando De Aveiro to Brazil to compete in the world’s largest gaming tournament and he did really well!

Who are the main braaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnssss behind MainGaming?

It’s a bit of everyone actually, we just set the standard and lay the platform, the gamers make things happen, without them MainGaming would not exist!

What did you hope to achieve when you first started?

Exactly what we doing right now – it’s only gonna get better.

Tell us about your first event – how many attendees were there and where was it held?

Our first event ever was held at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town last year in March, we had 23 participants. Even tho’ the numbers weren’t great, the tournament packed the same punch as our bigger events!

We assume that the growth since then has been satisfactory?  In an ideal situation, how big would you like your events to get and how do you think that can be achieved?

We’ve grown and hopefully will continue to grow, we’ve capped our tournaments to 128 players and many times had to turn guys away coz we were full! Only if a day had 36 hours!

From September 2012 we planning to completely drop entry fees, now all our tournaments will be free to enter with even better prizes!

You’ve just recently expanded into Cape Town – is it a plan to be there permanently?

Yup, we launched our Cape Town branch last month and have found that the guys from CT are just as passionate about gaming as the JHB okes, we intend to stay forever and I’m quite confident that the Cape Town guys will continue to support our endeavours.

How regularly are you hosting events?  What are the next big events planned?

Every week or second week we in a different shopping mall, We have the whole gaming extravaganza planned that will take place from the 3rd July to the 16th July, We’ll be situated at Cresta Shopping Centre than Lakeside Mall displaying the latest of games and hosting quite a few tournaments with loads of prizes up for grabs! Best of all everything is FREE!

You offer services other than organising and hosting LANs – what are they?

We host online tournaments & leagues too! We recently launched which is a Call of Duty MW3 league.  The top 2 teams will be flown down to JHB for the Grand Final where they will battle it out and the winner will earn a full sponsorship contract worth +-R50 000.00!

Thanks for your time – is there anything else you would like to add?

Hell yea! We feel that if you good at a game, don’t let it just be a hidden talent, come to one of our tournaments! You never know you might end up going home with a console!

MainGaming can be found on almost every corner of the worldwide web.  They have an official website and the league website, as well as a Youtube Channel, a Facebook Page and can be found tweeting too.

Important Dates:

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 League:

The league kicks off on 25 June 2012, and runs until 17 September 2012.  The Grand Final will take place on the 30 September 2012 in Johannesburg.

Register via the website as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the potential to win full sponsorship for your clan.

MainGaming and Comet Computing are on the hunt for the best Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Clan out there! What’s up for grabs? For the first time in South Africa’s history the winning clan will win a full sponsorship contract sponsored by Comet Computing! That means, Headsets, Gaming gear, travel expenses to the best tournaments out there and much more! This is something you have to play for!

MainGaming Pretoria LAN:

On the weekend of 30 June and 1 July MainGaming will be hosting a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3  (on Saturday) and FIFA 12 tournament (on Sunday).  With prizes valued at around R18 000.00 we’d suggest you keep the weekend open and head to Menlyn Park.

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