Land of Gamers is not a gaming republic run by an awesome zombie president (like me…) promising free games all day on any platform your heart desires.  It’s sadly not even a piece of Terra firma made of juicy, edible gamers to feed a hungry zombie.  No, it’s a radio station.  That should however not be a let down – unless you’re a hungry zombie.  Land of Gamers is an online radio station for gamers by (a) gamer(s), and is the brainchild of Giancarlo Groenewald.  Maybe for a change it’s time you just listened…

Land of Gamers is unique in that it aims to be “South Africa’s first online gamers Radio station”.  What possessed you to follow such a dream?  It can’t be the easiest option to take in South Africa.

Well I was around 16 years old and I thought it would be one great Idea to have a Gamers radio station “local” at first.
But then Free the web came along and the cost to have a uncapped line was cheaper and I started to look for possible ways in which one could broadcast a live stream over the Internet.

This dream of owning this type of station is in fact not that easy but the technology surrounding it is complex but can be taught to a 16 year old person with out a problem.
So now as I own my very own online station I can positively say that it isn’t easy to do it on your own but it sure is a lot of fun.

 When did you start LoG?

I started L.O.G back late in 2009 the company is around 2 and a half year old and has been a site that I try  and do touch ups and make it Gamer/Noob and Zombie friendly.

What did you hope to achieve when you first started?

Honestly to have a small amount of money to place in my bank so I could be more games and upgrade the old rig.
But now it’s all about making sure that the communities voice can be heard by all game designers and technology producers.

Making competitions on a grand scale and yea just having fun.

What are you hoping to achieve in the future?

Expand grow do some more “new aged” stuff.  Pushing my company and myself to get to rAge and to have fun.

You are a one man band powering Land of Gamers.  Tell us a little about your history in gaming.

I started playing PC Games on my 2nd eldest brother’s computer, my very first game that I played was Starcraft and old copies of Red Alert.

So I have been gaming only on PC for around a good 13 years now and I still love it.
I used to play Operation Flash point and then moved over to ARMA were I joined up with a USA realism clan I played around there for around 2 years and it was great fun.

By then there was still no uncapped Internet that was cheap so I used up 12 gigs of Bandwidth on Iburst in under 2 hours.
I have attended rAge for 4 years now and I enjoy it.

It’s certainly not easy running any gaming site on your own, let alone a radio station.  We believe you’re looking for people to help out.  What do you expect from someone joining the LoG family?

First off you need to be at a certain age around 17-18.

Must be a person that works well in a team.

Wants to make Africa as a whole more connected with Technology and Gaming wise.

Can type out meaningful articles and likes to contribute in terms of “the next big thing”

To join my station you need to be at the set age.

Need to have a mic and PC full of at least 1000 tracks.

We do not broadcast hate speech crime nothing negative “same thing as a clan we leave RL stuff at the door”

Internet is uncapped and at least 1mb line.

One assumes there is a cost in operating for you.  How do you cover that cost – sponsors or is it from your own pocket?

The community contribute to the site for e.g. we had a company that was fairly new in web design and graphics and they wanted to help me out and so for that they got placed onto our sponsors page.
In terms of money the only thing that has cost me anything is changing the URL to my own.
The online station is hosted for free “not sponsored” and thus if something goes wrong I can’t help it.

However it would be nice to have people donating a small amount of money so we can do more things and build competitions faster.

Surely there are times when you want to say “stuff it”, no-one appreciates this.  What keeps you going?

My heart keeps me going every day.
A wise man once told me.
“if you are passionate about what you do in life you will never have to worry about money”

So I am passionate I will not stop trying, so I have been doing this for 2 years and yes I am still looking for guys and gals that want to help.

What is your game(s) and platform of choice?

I have many games but this one is mine.
Too many Games to list but I assure you I have quite a few.
Platform wise I am a PC fan and always will be, but if you want me to try out a console then please make sure you are able to teach me… and have lots of controllers.

How much time do you get to actually just play games?

Sad to say I only get 12 hours per day to nail games.  I used to play up to 20 hours and finish Games in 1 day.

All the best with the (ad)venture and thanks for your time – is there anything else you would like to add?

Do not be shy to ask for help for I too once was a Noob and I am here to help.
Hey Zombie Dredd Were the hell did you drag my left arm to?

You can keep up with the goings on (and get the radio feed) on Land Of Gamers official website, or join them on Facebook or even follow them on Twitter.

If you are keen to feature in this column in the future, please feel free to contact us at and we’ll think about – after you’ve sent us a sample of your braaaaaaiiiiinnnnsss.