Last week we got to know the South African MGO Xtreme Vision Gaming and this week we get better acquainted with one of its owners, Jason van Niekerk.

League of Legends and Call of Duty are what make him happy, but not zombies. Like so many others before him, he refuses to become a turncoat against humanity and we have to wonder what we need to do to be liked.

Go ahead. Introduce yourself. Don’t be shy.

My name is Jason van Niekerk, I’m Pro E-Sports player for Xtreme Vision Gaming in Call of Duty and League of Legends.

What’s you platform of choice? Why?

COD and League of Legends. I’ve been playing COD now for several years since COD 1 and I’ve been playing LoL for 7 years now, I love it, and it’s really fun games to play on a competitive level.

Can you remember the first time you ‘gamed’?

Yes when I was 6 years old on my father’s old DOS PC!

How long have you been gaming?

20 years.

When do you think you’ll stop gaming?


Are you a serious gamer? Or do you enjoy a laugh?

Serious gamer when I play competitions and practice with my team, but other gaming platforms such as Destiny 2, and Overwatch or single player games such as The Witcher I just mess around.

Singleplayer or multiplayer?


Is playing online important to you?

Yes very.

Are you a member of a clan? Who are they and why?

Yes, Xtreme Vision Gaming, they are a Multi Platform Organisation, I’m one of the Owners of XvG and strive to make it one of the top MGO’s in SA.

Favourite game currently?

Call of Duty WW2.

Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming? What?

Yes, I play drums, been playing drums for 14 years now.

You’re stranded on a desert island and a genie grants you five items. Name them:

A game: Call of Duty.
A CD: Periphery II “This time it’s personal”.
A movie or TV series: Vikings.
An organic life form: Master Yoda.
Something edible or drinkable: a Cold Beer.

What’s the most embarrassing or worst game you’ve ever bought or received as a gift?

CSGO, no offence to my players or the community, just don’t like the game.

If you were a game designer, describe your ultimate game design.

A game where you can exchange your in-game currency for real money.

The zombie apocalypse has happened. You’re facing down a ravenous zombie horde (which may or may not include members of ZG in bikinis). What weapon do you grab?

A Fire Axe.

In the aforementioned zombie apocalypse you humans are all toast. Become a turncoat and assist the superior zombies or stay with the soon to be wiped out human resistance?

Human Resistance.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our silly questions. What game are you off to play now that you’re done?

I’m going to play Call of Duty now or a bit of League of Legends.

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