gg logo FOR WEBYes, we’re a day late with this, but we had feeding to do and people were begging to be fed on.

Today we get better acquainted with Gamers Gadgets who offer a variety of items for gamers not always found anywhere else.

When did Gamers Gadgets open for business?

March 2014.

The product range is not what one usually finds on other gaming related gaming sites. What is your main focus in terms of products?

Main focus is SADES Headsets. And odd stuff you won’t find in everyday PC/gaming stores.

Why not just sell games and hardware?

Because games you can buy at any mall and they all fixed pricing.
Hardware well all PC shops sell hardware and there 2 or 3 online stores that no one can beat their prices.
But besides all that it not my thing to really get into – rather leave that up to the people who already do that.

Sades SpellondWhat products and plans do you have for future expansion?

Well there are loads in the works but always takes time.
Sades which Gamers Gadgets is sole importer into South Africa IS bringing out some new products not just headsets so that’s going to be awesome when ready,  and I think will be great products for South African market.

South Africa is not the easiest market to break into – what possessed you to take the plunge?

Well I was out of the gaming scene for like 2 years. Got time to slowly get back into it and wanted a decent headset that looked cool and sounded cool without selling my arm and leg. There are a few good brands out there, but for me average person they are a little over priced for what they are and what you get.
I did loads of research for a couple months and found Sades, but no South Africa importer. So when I got sick of working for a boss, I decided to start my own company to help gamers and sell the right product at the right price.

Gamers usually appear to be after the best deals and the best prices.  Obviously, it’s difficult for smaller retailers to go head to head in a price war against the bigger retailers.  What do you believe Gamers Gadgets can bring to the table which sets it aside and gives gamers a reason to support the business?

At gamers Gadgets our motto is ‘Bringing the gadgets to the gamers AT THE RIGHT PRICE.’
For what we sell, the quality is good for the price you buying – like our Sades Headsets, I think they can be up there with the big names.
And I am always willing to help customers and give advice.

Who are the main braaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnssss (or brain…) behind Gamers Gadgets?

Well, all ME, ha ha, Shaun Leighton.

Any previous experience in gaming and/or retail?

Been gaming for +/- 14 years even building PCs. In retail, I have got 8 years of experience in customer sales.

The South African gaming scene certainly appears to be on an upswing at the moment.  What do you think is needed to sustain that growth?

You’re right, it is growing I feel.  To keep it growing I think the gamers themselves need to help each other and give advice. I hate it when I go on group pages or forums and see guys/girls tuning each other. It’s just wrong in so many ways.
And also gaming shops have to help the customers’ needs and help get what the customer wants – even if it is just advice.

Have you seen an upswing since you started operating?

Yes I have, even the short time Gamers Gadgets been around.

Do you believe the community has a big role to play in growing gaming in general?  If so, what would you like to see the community do?

Yes I do. As I said, gamers helping each other, mainly with advice even when it comes to buying stuff. But Be a D!ck on the pages or forums you can make people think gamers are just A$$holes very easily, and new gamers (AKA NOOBS LOL) will be put off and go spend their money elsewhere.

Are you gamer yourself?  If so, what’s your game(s) and platform of choice?

Yes I am. I mainly like FPS/survival /racing games. My platform is mainly PC but also Xbox One.

Thanks for your time – is there anything else you would like to add?

Thanks very much. I would just like to say to all gamers – if there are new gamers, just be patient and help them and don’t be one those nasty trolls.

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