CL4NThe name F34R is no stranger to our pages, and they’re certainly no strangers to most competitive Call of Duty players on console in South Africa.

After originally forming on the back of Call of Duty 4, their history has since incorporated a rebirth, a break followed by another rebirth, a move from PlayStation to Xbox, the formation of ViNCO by ex-members, the incorporation of Team Adept, plenty of tournament wins, plenty of promises of sponsorship and partnerships, and now a very real partnership with one of the country’s biggest MGOs, Energy eSports.

The team is part of the very history of the competitive console scene in the country and their future looks like it will set a new standard for the community they were part of building.

So guys, congratulations on the new partnership with Energy Esports. There must be plenty of excitement in the F34R camp. How did it come about?

Thank you for the well wishes. There is great hype and excitement within the team. This acquisition by Energy eSports is the culmination of two solid years of solid hard grinding. It all came about after co-founder Kas spotted us at rAge 2014 participating in the DGC Championship. He liked what he saw and approached GlennZA [F34R manager – Undead Ed] and put the offer on the table a week after rAge. When GlennZA shared it with the team there was only one decision, accept their offer.

F34R has been around for quite some time now, and have been approached and involved with talks of sponsorship and partnerships on previous occasions. What made this one the ‘right’ one this time?

Yes sponsorship is not new in the world of eSports because we all know the kind of love our PC cousins receive time and time again. It is an offer that not only suited all our players but also the timing was spot on. Just before the Advanced Warfare season. Energy eSports is a well-established MGO and their offer is not all just hot air and false promises. This is the real deal.

F34R, the CoD Champs at DGL 2014.
F34R, the CoD Champs at DGL 2014.

What does the partnership offer F34R?

Firstly an amazing opportunity to represent the Energy eSports MGO on console and secondly they already have fantastic partners and sponsors on board which are obviously mainly PC focused. Our players will enjoy the benefits of these sponsors and add a few more for us console playing guys.
There are a few more benefits which we cannot reveal at this point in time but will become known to everyone else at a later stage.

What is Energy eSports expecting in return?

The Energy eSports management are expecting F34R to continue performing well in all online and LAN based tournaments and for us to continue conducting ourselves in a proper manner which is what initially caught the attention of Energy eSports. We are to fly the flag in the console world and spread the name Energy eSports.

Do you think that this the start of a true professional era for console Call of Duty in South Africa?

With each new year and season for Call of Duty, the progress of local CoD eSports has been great. 24 months ago these were all just pipe dreams. Players hoping to get a sponsor here or there. It has now become a reality and hopefully this sponsorship will lead to other teams also getting noticed and reaping the rewards of a well-established organisation looking after their players.

What do some of the other top teams in South Africa need to do to start improving their profile and chances of becoming sponsored clans?

This is easy. Other teams need to continue the grind. Be competitive in all events and place well at tournaments. Teams and players need to drop all the childish behaviour which is sadly connected to the world of CoD and grow up. Massive opportunities are waiting just around the corner. Taking it seriously and presenting yourself and your team to your best ability is all that is needed to get noticed. Oh and organisations are watching all of us on Twitter.

What does the team think is needed in South Africa now to really improve the level of competition to see it at least give the international teams something to think about?

Towards the end of Ghosts’ season, event organisers really came to the party and raised the bar in terms of the quality of LAN’s and proper organised events. These trends need to keep growing because we certainly got pushed all the way by a very hungry and determined Insane Gaming side all year long.

Is there not a concern that (given the size of prize pools in 2014) that teams will now only play tournaments and events that offer a big enough draw card?

If a real competitive eSports Xbox team is merely playing for the prizes, they will never get anywhere. As a competitive bunch of players (Jakez, Hazardz, Drew & Frost) our main focus is to try our best and walk away winners and champions. The prizes are seriously all added bonus. Pity we cannot speak for everyone but we hope more teams play for the enjoyment of competing than the prizes at the end of the day.

Photo by Craig Kolesky for Red Bull SA.
L-R: Hazardz, Jakez, GlennZA, Frost and Drew. Photo by Craig Kolesky for Red Bull SA.

Obviously the Call of Duty Championships is a major target for the team. The current roster of JakeZ, Drew, Hazardz and Frost have been pretty stable for a while now (especially by SA standards), however, young Frost will not be eligible for the finals in Los Angeles. Who have the team got lined up as a substitute?

WHAT? Frost not eligible for CoD Champs qualifiers? Just kidding. When we picked Frost up earlier in 2014 we always knew this would be a challenge come CoD Champ qualifiers. We have some cards up our sleeves and will be making an announcement very early in 2015 regarding our CoD Champs squad. Look out for #F34Rintel on Twitter 😉

Going into 2015, and for the rest of the Advanced Warfare season, what does F34R hope to achieve?

Each new season as a team we get together and sit down with our manager and look at our seasons expectations. Advanced Warfare will be no different. Now that our players have got a feel for the game and a lot of hands on in terms of game play and game mechanics the very fast paced game play suits our style. For 2013 and 2014 we have won 18 of the last 21 tournaments and we don’t plan on letting up anytime soon. Our biggest target is to qualify for CoD Champs, followed by hopefully competing at at least two other international tournaments, (MLG or GFinity) then locally we aim to dominate and place top 2 in every single tournament we enter.

Have to ask. Has Advanced Warfare killed the memory of Ghosts? What is the most exciting additions and improvements in the team’s opinion?

You know, what set is apart in Ghosts is the fact that even though the game was not of the highest started in terms of eSports our team put in the hard yard grind day in and day out. One can say we literally played that game broken *chuckles*
We are oh so excited for the return of two of our favourite game modes, Hardpoint and CTF. So, so thrilled to have these modes back. The introduction of the exoskeleton adds a new dimension as CoD is no longer just played on the ground thanks to the boost jumps. Just the entire look and feel is refreshing but most of all, the quickness and continuous action around the maps.

Thanks again for your time, and all the best for the future of the team. Is there anything else you would like to add?

It is our pleasure, thanks for having us and picking our brains 😛
Thanks for the well wishes and we are certainly excited for Advanced Warfare.
We would also just like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the future event and tournament operators for this coming season. It is a thankless job but we here at F34R seriously appreciate the efforts.

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