Johannesburg, 5 November 2019: World number one Street Fighter player, Tshunehiro “Gachikun” Kanamori is to join local gamers and handover the winner’s trophy at the Red Bull Hit the Streets finals taking place in Cape Town on Thursday 07 November.

Gachikun first got into gaming with the release of Street Fighter IV at Japanese arcades – playing the ‘Sagat’ character – before becoming one of the early players to play ‘Rashid’ in Street Fighter V. Initially, he had no inspiration to play professionally as he had no previous knowledge of the scene and lived far away from Tokyo.

His big break came in 2017 when he finished in the top-16 in half a dozen Premier Events (including a couple of second places at Esports Festival Hong Kong and EGX 2017) and produced a great performance at Red Bull Kumite that same year.

So it seems apt that Gachikun will be on hand to interact with local Street Fighter V talent at the Red Bull Hit the Streets National Final on Thursday as well as visit gaming hubs, Nexus and ATK in Johannesburg and Cape Town respectively. He’ll reunite with the winner of Red Bull Hit the Streets in Japan in December as they compete in last chance qualifier for the Red Bull Kumite World Final.

While in South Africa he’ll also be shooting a pilot of a television series he’s working on during his day. The series focuses on gaming, specifically highlighting upcoming talents.  His visit comes at a great time as esports in the country continues to grow and provide opportunities for youth who want to pursue careers of the future. South African teams have now started to challenge the leading lights from Europe and Asia in international tournaments and the future looks reasonably bright, in spite of the challenges.

Commented, Gachikun: “South Africa is a country that I’ll be visiting for the first time, so I’m excited so find out what kind of players I’ll get to meet! I’m hoping that I get to meet players with play styles that I’ve never seen before.”
More information on Red Bull Hit the Streets can be found here.