**PLEASE NOTE: We only received this press release on 10 April, so unfortunately the first FIFA 20 tournament was already underway.**

Vodacom has partnered with Mettlestate to bring you the Vodacom Supercup Series! The Supercup Series is comprised of three cups – one each week. However, this is no ordinary series. Vodacom Super Rugby players will be joining us to make this, well, super. Each cup will feature a different game, following this order: FIFA20, PUBG Mobile, FIFA20. Gamers will compete against one another to determine who goes through to the finals. The rugby players will do the same, battling it out among themselves. The leaders of the two groups will meet in the finals at the end of the week to determine who is truly the superstar. The cups will be set up as follows:

  • Tuesday: registration for the following cup opens
    • The exception to this is week one. Registration opened on the Friday before the first cup.
  • Following Tuesday: registration closes
  • Wednesday: gamers’ qualifiers
  • Thursday: rugby players’ qualifiers
  • Friday: finals

Below are the dates for each cup:

  1. 8-10 April (registration opens 3 April)
  2. 15-17 April (registration opens 7 April)
  3. 22-24 April (registration opens 14 April)

Registrations will take place on the Mettlestate website at https://www.mettlestate.com/tournaments/vodacom-super-cup. Each player will have to register for each cup.

Sam “Tech Girl” Wright will be interviewing the Super Rugby players and the rugby players and gamers will both be recording their qualifiers. The finals will be streamed and hosting by Sam. This footage will be available on YouTube, and the links will be shared on Mettlestate’s social media.

Each week, the following prizes will be distributed according to placement:

  • 1st place: Samsung G20, a Super Rugby Marvel jersey, R200 airtime and 10GB data
  • 2nd place: a Super Rugby Marvel jersey, a Samsung wearable, R200 airtime and 10GB data
  • 3rd place: a Super Rugby Marvel jersey, R200 airtime and 10GB data