The South African streaming community is saturated with a plethora of talented streamers. However, this untapped talent often does not get enough attention, and promising streamers fall by the wayside. Mettlestate seeks to rectify this. We are looking for small South African streamers to support. Our intention is to boost the streaming community in SA. We want to help small streamers build their following and viewership, as well as encourage and fortify streaming culture in South Africa.

This initiative will run for four weeks initially, so as to allow it to gain momentum. Each week Mettlestate will highlight and promote a different lesser known streamer. We will give said streamer a R500 Steam voucher to give away to a viewer during a stream. Throughout the week, Mettlestate will share the streamer’s posts and streams and we will share our own posts and images about the streamer. The promotion of the streamer will also feature a short introductory bio. The point is for the community to get to know and to want to know more about their local streamers.

This initiative can be found on our social media pages, our website, and through Logitech’s #PlayAtHomeZA tag. Logitech has kindly offered to contribute to this initiative through more than just a social media tag. The company has pledged to equip one of the four streamers with a full streaming kit. This kit includes the G502 Hero mouse, the G513 keyboard, the G Pro X headset and the Brio webcam. The streamer to receive this gear will be determined by a voting poll which will run on our website. The streamer will also be sponsored by Logitech. The streamer will display the Logitech logo on their streams, and Logitech may give them more gear for themselves or to give away. The streamers will definitely enjoy playing at home!

It’s time to tap into our never-ending supply of home grown talent. It’s time to back our boys and girls online. Let’s forge our streaming community and change the face of the South African online community.