The first edition of #BringBackSports2020 was a resounding success in many ways. Here are some of the interesting stats surrounding the event:

  • Raised over R5000 so far
  • Over 3000 viewers on the YouTube livestream over 2 days
  • Peaked at over 1800 concurrent viewers on the YouTube livestream
  • We trended at number 4 nationally on Twitter

“I would have loved to raise more funds during this time, but it’s understandable given how hard everyone has been hit. What people could give was hugely appreciated. Overall I’m really happy with how Edition I went & I cannot wait to reveal the next Edition once we’re ready to do so. We’ve learnt so much & we’ll be using that knowledge to improve & grow BB Sports into a world class event that does the local scene justice.” – Glenn Kisela, creator of Bring Back Sports.

We had some great post event content. We had Tecla from Texx and the City on The Studio stream. Link to that interview here:

We also had Karen Zoid come on to The Studio stream & give her impression of ZA esports & gaming overall. Link to that interview here:

We also released a Thank You video to everyone that has been a part of this. Link to that:

This is not the end of BB Sports, as the end of the Thank You video teases to the next gaming title for Edition II which will happen sooner rather than later. Unofficially, we’re looking to go live towards the end of May. We will retain our current sponsors whilst opening it up to new sponsors looking to get involved.

More concrete details of Edition II will be released at a later stage. To be the first to know details, people should join our official Discord server: