Amidst South Africa’s lockdown, Bring Back Sports aims to entertain, while supporting those financially impacted by COVID-19.

The brainchild of Glenn Kisela & Texx and the City, along with the backing of Nodwin Gaming, Bring Back Sports will shine a light on the power of gaming and esports whilst also giving back to the community that has supported its growth. Nodwin Gaming is already providing the public with ways to #StayAtHome with the Inkosi Super Cup, featuring four gaming titles to compete in.

Bring Back Sports will feature tournaments for FIFA 20 and PUBG games, which will run over two weekends in April, May and June. The best part is that absolutely anyone can join. This includes musicians, pro players, shoutcasters, streamers, influencers and even members of the public. This is your chance to battle it out for the ultimate bragging rights.

FIFA 20 Registration is live

The registration links for the FIFA 20 tournament this weekend is live. Players are asked to donate to the Solidarity Fund via the Backabuddy link & write a message with #BringBackSports2020 so we can track the donations.


The FIFA 20 tournament will be played on both Xbox and PS. You’ll stand a chance to play against some of the best in the country or battle your favourite music artist.

Link 1 to Registration on Smash GG:

Link 2 to Registration on Smash GG:

Bring Back Sports Discord Server:

We’re going live with FIFA this weekend. Next weekend we continue with FIFA & then will also be launching our PUBG Mobile weekend tournament. 

Thank you to our sponsors 

We have had some great brands come onboard to help this initiative. Vodacom is no stranger to the gaming world and they’ve come to support. Red Bull is powering this charity tournament as well. If that wasn’t enough, we also have the support of Redragon, RAVPower, Sparkfox and TaoTronics. All of these brands have been supporting the local gaming community in one way or another and we’re so grateful to have them on board for #BringBackSports2020.

Have fun and support a good cause

There are great hampers to be won by those participating in #BringBackSports2020. From viewers to players themselves, anyone can have a good time and potentially walk away with a prize. Lockdown may have been extended but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun.

Proceeds generated from Bring Back Sports will go directly towards the Solidarity Fund set up by the government for COVID-19 relief efforts. In addition, a relief fund will be set up to assist those in the music industry who have been hit the hardest, with donations raised during the tournament through our unique BUSQR code.

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