So Sony have announced a launch price of $399 in October 2016, this past Tuesday, but what does that mean for us at the bottom of deepest darkest Africa?

Playstation VR Box Contents

Well in pure R/$ terms today that translates to R 6099 right now, but as we’ve come to learn of late by the time I click publish on this article that value will already have changed again. However we all know after import (Ster-Kinekor) tax is applied things look significantly different.

So let’s do some real world comparisons.

Right now on a PS4 500 GB “Vanilla” console is selling for R 5999 with a normal price of R 6128. Ignoring the special price and looking at the regular retail price on instead the same unit is selling for $399…coincidentally the same as the Playstation VR launch price.

Beyond that, the Playstation Camera which you will need to buy in addition to the PS VR, ignoring any bundles for now, is listed at $60 over there and is selling for R 931 here which is right in line with the direct currency conversion of R 914.


That means the Ster-Kinekor exchange rate seems to be in the region of about 15.03 – 15.51 per US$.

Granted this is a brand new product and the PS4 has been in the market for a while, but SK surely also want to push sales as they really make their money through games.

Therefore I’m going out on a limb here and saying that PS VR will land in South Africa at a retail price of R 5999 with a worst case scenario being R 6499

I’ll take it one further with baseless speculation and say a full blown bundle with Playstation VR Headset + Playstation Camera + 2 Move Controllers will be selling for exactly R7 499.


Okay maybe R 7 999 if it all goes to hell, absolute worst case scenario.