Playstation Vita Impresses Critics

Some fortunate large publication gaming critics have gotten their hands on the Playstation Vita and some of the launch titles. So far the consensus is very positive indeed.

While the critics mostly agree that the Vita is a little on the expensive side, it is the best handheld gaming option on the market. Critics agree that the Vita is a great piece of technology, boasting stunning graphics and is geared toward ‘core’ gamers

The only negative factor worth reporting on is that some critics are concerned about Sony’s commitment to bringing enough quality titles to the platform, which will also be heavily factored by developers’ commitment to the bringing out games geared towards the ‘core’ market .

The technical bits that impress:

  • The Vita is similar to the PSP in shape and outward appearance, but slightly larger and heavier .
  • There is front and rear touch screen and a dual-analog sticks..
  • 3G: Note that the products tested by reviewers did not have working 3G access, so that functionality has not been evaluated.
  • The Vita boasts a 5-inch, 960 x 544 OLED with near-HD quality graphics.

Not so much

  • Reviewers claim around 4-5 hours of gameplay on a full charge which is not ideal. Watching videos adds an extra hour or.
  • Memory cards – most reviewers dislike the need for memory cards over having built in hard-drive.

The Playstation Vita has been received well by critics and scored very well with the initial reviews. Here’s what some of the reviewers had to say about the Playstation Vita as per Metacritic:


If the Vita is going to be an argument for the worth of dedicated handhelds, then it is a nearly perfect argument. This new machine is an extraordinarily capable device—for gaming. It already rivals its handheld peers and even home consoles in terms of quality gaming experience. It sparkles not just because of its hardware but because of its services, which even on Launch Day Minus 1, are already some of the best-engineered in the medium’s history.

Hardcore gamers with money to spend will be rewarded for taking a risk on Vita. With its supremely impressive 5-inch capacitive OLED touch screen, dual analogue sticks built in (nudge, nudge, Nintendo) and strong launch line-up, PlayStation Vita really is a gaming enthusiast’s handheld dream. … Eventually, the handheld’s flexibility will likely open up to wider possibilities – there’s no reason Vita shouldn’t be at least attempting to offer those bite-sized Angry Birds style experiences that work so well on iOS. But for now it feels very much like a hardcore gamer’s machine


Sony’s new portable eclipses Nintendo’s latest on more battlefields than ever before, outclassing it not only in graphical output, but in touchscreen technology, controls and button layout, user interface design and, perhaps most importantly, game selection at launch. … Still, no amount of software updates can undo that disappointing runtime. Without performance-enhancing peripherals, the PlayStation Vita won’t be getting you through long flights or cross-country road trips. For gamers spoiled by the endurance of the original PSP and DS systems, it’s a tough sell.

PlayStation Vita is potentially the most powerful and flexible gaming handheld ever, but it is already a fantastic one.

Game Informer

The Vita is not a flawless system, but when it comes to the important features that make a handheld gaming console worthwhile, it hits most of the notes. Incredible graphics, responsive touchscreen and tilt mechanics, and the extra control stick make the Vita one of the most well-rounded handhelds we’ve ever seen.


While the system still suffers from the limitations of its proprietary technology, unintuitive software and steep price, my experience with the U.S. version has me hopeful for the future of Sony’s new portable platform.


The only consideration that really matters for a game system is its capacity to play games, and in that regard the PlayStation Vita is a resounding success. It offers the most power, the widest variety of input methods, and the most convenient method of getting new games, of any handheld system in history.

Just Push Start

Despite the short battery life and mediocre camera, the PS Vita’s other features show us how much handheld gaming and technology as a whole has grown exponentially over the last five years.

MTV Multiplayer

Overall, the Vita feels like it was crafted to be an extension of the PlayStation 3 (and probably the PlayStation 4 eventually), and with such a robust offering, on both the hardware and software front, it actually feels like it succeeds.

New York Daily News

The Vita can go toe-to-toe with your favorite living room console, and it has some great forward-thinking control touches for enterprising developers.

PC World

All told, the PlayStation Vita is an excellent handheld gaming console that’s worth paying for if you demand more from your mobile gaming experience than smartphone or tablet games can provide.


The beefy processing power, stunning OLED display and console-like controls can come together to produce experiences like Uncharted that feel like miniaturized home games. The open question is whether software makers will want to invest the time and money into crafting exclusive Vita games that take advantage of all that capability.