Playstation Plus September 2013 Line-Up

PS Plus

The Playstation Blog has announced the PlayStation Plus line-up for September.

PlayStation 3 games include Assassin’s Creed III and the Jak and Daxter Trilogy…

Leaving PS Plus this month:

28th August: Need for Speed Most Wanted
28th August: ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection
28th August: Demon’s Souls
28th August: LEGO Lord of the Rings
28th August: When Vikings Attack

Entering PS Plus this month:


28th August: Assassin’s Creed 3
28th August: The Jak and Daxter Trilogy

PS Vita

28th August: Stealth Inc: A Clone In The Dark
28th August: Urban Trial Freestyle
28th August: New Little King’s Story

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