Let’s try something new.

First Contact is just a quick first impression after spending the shortest of moments with a new game. Just a basic overview of what it’s all about and why you should pay attention or disregard altogether.

So for our local brethren that might be bandwidth constrained and don’t necessarily want to download every PS+ game available to them just to find out that it’s rubbish.

These are not reviews and therefore won’t carry any scores.

October is a good month on PS+ with one bonus title in the form of Driveclub PS+ Edition, but more so because there is a lot of cross-buy action going down and so you’ll find more than your usual two games per platform in the mix.

Driveclub (PS4)


Technically I didn’t play the PS+ specific version as I had access to a review copy but I suspect it’s all much the same.

Out of the gates the game fell on it’s face with it’s inability to access online services. Which means I couldn’t see what the game’s primary focus is as I couldn’t create or browse other Clubs to join.

Not a very good start then. Once in the game I immediately found myself going “What?” much like Rogue Zombie did in our full review over here. Just about everything felt off from the basic physics were the cars appear to be as heavy as tanks and stick to the road like glue, to the braking which just stops on a dime without any fade whatsoever.

Next very strange thing was the complete lack of in game music. I’ve since found out there is music but it’s turned off by default and you need to enable it under the menus first. I’m yet to get back to it to try that out but I don’t expect much from the unlicensed soundtrack.

Also I can’t say that I’m that impressed with the visual on First Contact, but that might change as I get much deeper into it.

Having waited more than a year to be racing on the PS4 I can’t say that I’m not disappointed. It is a brand new franchise though and might just take some getting used to and so I will definitely return this weekend to play some more of it…hopefully this time with the servers online.

  • Download? Yes, I think it’s worth having a look for sure.

Dust (PS4)


Had a quick look at this one again via Remote Play to the PS4, having previously checked out the trial version on Xbox 360.

Dust is a side scrolling samurai hack and slash platformer with beautiful modern cartoony graphics. The premise is not unlike many other japanese themed games of this sort with a talking sword that guides your main character who has lost his memory. A bit cliche but the gameplay seems solid enough and there might be a deeper story hidden deeper within.

Definitely something I would like to invest more time into. Reminds me of Okami for some reason.

I did find the voice acting of your weirdo flying fox fairy companion highly irritating, but not enough to make me not want to play it.


  • Download? 1.2GB so might be a bit of a chancer for the 3G folk.

Spelunky (PS4/PS3/Vita)


Wow, what a great little surprise this one is.

Tried it out late last night after having a look at both Driveclub and Shadow of Mordor and strangely it was more engaging than both of them.

What I liked most about the game was the fact that it’s old school retro but unlike just about everything else it doesn’t feel the need to use asstastic pixelated graphics to get the message across that it’s old school. It looks great in a modern day cartoony sense without needing to beat you to death with the retro 8-bit stick.

I haven’t tried it on the Vita and PS3 but it’s great that it supports all three platforms so everyone gets access to it. The PS4 version seemingly has 4-play same screen co-op which is always a good thing and even supports LAN play, but I’m not sure how that works. Maybe you can LAN with the PS3 & Vita version as well which would be a nice addition.

Essentially it’s a Mario clone with a few tricks up it’s sleeve and some humorous storytelling. I had heard it was a great game but never understood why based on the few videos and screenshots I’ve seen.

  • Download? Absolutely. It’s nice and small as well so shouldn’t break the 3G piggybank either. 207 – 289MB

Pix The Cat (PS4/PS3/Vita)


Another proper cross-buy game this month that works on every current Playstation Platform.

Basically it seems to be Pacmac meet Chu Chu Rocket. I don’t remember what Chu Chu Rocket even played like, but the animations and graphical assets are very similar so I’m sticking to that.

Essentially you run around Pacman style fetching eggs and then putting them in baskets. Once you’ve got them all you hit a door that takes you to the next level.

There are no loading screens in between though and you go directly from one level to the next and time is of the essence. That’s really where the challenge lies as the cat never stops moving and so you need to look ahead and make up your mind very quickly.

Pix makes use of twitch controls in the sense that you lose time for hitting walls so you want to pre-plan all your moves and do them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I just tried the straight up arcade mode and it was fun until I died. I don’t know about lasting power on this one but it’s a good time waster and could be quite a challenge with the other modes available.

  • Download? If you like the idea of Pacman with a bit more puzzling you’ll probably love it. Small too at 188 – 503MB.

Rainbow Moon (PS3/Vita)

Rainbow Moon

Biggest surprise of the lot this month, purely because I’d never heard of it before.

It reminds me of the original Final Fantasy style J-RPG’s in the game world itself but with very modern and dare I say quite decent graphics rendered in 3D by the looks of things but on a 2D backdrop.

You don’t have random encounters though and can therefore choose which enemies to combat much like Eternal Sonata.

Combat itself is turn-based in a combination of typical JRPG menu selection and grip based movement.

Not really much of a story to get excited about from the little bit I’ve played and I would say ultimately the Vita would be my platform of choice.

  • Download? It’s a little bit on the heavier side at 1.3GB but JRPG’s will play it for hours on end.

Dungeons & Dragons : Chronicles of Mystara (PS3)

This is exactly the asstastic pixelated retro mess I was talking about earlier. Fortunately in this case it’s not actually a modern game that’s made to look old but instead a port of a 90’s classic so it’s somewhat forgivable.

Essentially it’s Golden Axe and looks much the same but has a bit more up it’s sleeve since it supports a miniature inventory which you can flip between as you go about murdering monsters and the like.

Also it seemingly supports 4-player local coop if you are looking to spend a night with your mates going old school.

Nice thing is that they use the 4:3 aspect ratio of the original and put all your vital statistics on the side so it doesn’t infringe on screen space.

  • Download? 244MB so you’ve got nothing to lose. Personally I don’t live in nostalgia so wouldn’t be bothered.

Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)


This would be the second time I’ve owned this game because the last time round I bought it on special and never got to play it.

Somewhat pointless putting even a preview together for this one especially as I’ve just started playing Shadow of Mordor which is very similar and so I might give Batman a bit of a jaded review.

It’s a critically acclaimed third person action beat em up with The Batman! What’s not to like about that? I haven’t spent much time with it at all but I’ll go by everyone’s word that it’s an excellent game well worth playing.

Dark, mysterious and dare I say adult. And…Batman.

  • Download? Most certainly, especially if you are a fan. It’s rather large though at 6.6GB.