We may have some insight to how the Playstation Now game streaming service will be priced.

Kotaku spotted that Sony added some prices to the PlayStation Now streaming beta in the States. The pricing may not be finalised, but may give us an idea of how and what.

The pricing suggests that gamers will be able to rent (stream) games, anything from hours to 90 days and from as little as $2.99 [R45].

The pricing lists Final Fantasy XIII-2 at $4.99 [R75] for four hours, to seven days at $7.99 [R120]. 30 days will cost $14.99 [R225] and 90 days $29.99 [R900], which is actually more expensive than buying the game outright.

The beta does have a disclaimer claiming: “game titles and features shown are for testing purposes only and are not indicative of the final price,” but that is how much beta users are currently paying.