The Sony press conference had a little to prove after Microsoft did a pretty handy job of theirs. And Sony certainly made sure it was packed with titles, but it did lack a little in the gameplay department. Here is the highlights and lowlights – it depends on your outlook on life.

Starting things off like trailers at a movie were LittleBigPlanet 3 and Bloodborne.

Ten million units down and still going. That was the opening salvo from Jim Ryan on the number of PS4s sold worldwide, with promised of “great games for the rest of 2014”.

Q-Games then revealed The Tomorrow Children – a game for a European market that embraces “”unique games”.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter suddenly appeared and still looks pretty and a bit like Murdered” Soul Suspect. [More…]

Thomas Was Alone creator revealed his new game Volume which is a “modern day Robin Hood story” coming to the PS4 and PS Vita in 2015.

Paradox and Ruffian Games are developing Hollowpoint which hits the PS4 in 2015, and is just one of two games Paradox is working on. The other is Runemaster which will be detailed in the future. [More…]

Suprisingly, DayZ was announced for the PS4. Surprising, because Sony is working on their own zombie killing MMO called H1Z1. Oh well, humans and their zombie slaying needs can’t be contained we suppose.

A new indie game from Ninja Theory was revealed. It’s called Hellblade and looks pretty damn spectacular. [More…]

Rime from Tequila Works got a run, and is one of many indie games coming to the PlayStation brand, many of which are “first to PS4”.

Destiny will be “fun for every type of game” according to Activision [Except if you’re a PC player… may we laugh at our own jokes? No. Fine… – Undead Ed]. On the PlayStation timed exclusives can be expected including maps and two expansions to the game. The game is the “most pre-ordered new IP in history” and also the “most challenging game” Bungie have worked on.

The world premier of the ‘competitive’ multiplayer was shown off, as well as some of the modes announced, including Skirmish, Runble, Salvage, Clash, Combined Arms and Control. All require that you kill people. We  approve.

The “huge game” arrives on 9 September, with the first expansion – ‘The Dark Below’ – following in December.

Far Cry 4 will feature the ‘Keys to Kyrat’ on PS4. Each copy of the game comes with ten keys which players can dish out to friends so that they can join them in co-op even if they don’t own a copy of the game. But only for two hours.

Another game with exclusive content for the PS4 is Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor. The content wasn’t detailed but we’re sure you will get the full skinny around the time the game releases on 9 October.

Hideo Kojima introduced the box in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Not exclusive to the PS4. We assume.

The PS4 will be getting a System Update to 2.0 around fall. Share Play and YouTube video sharing are the two main additions, with Share Play being the jewel. Think ‘virtual couch co-op’ in every game and you’re almost there. Friends with PS Plus can join your game even if they don’t have a copy of the game. PlayStation Blog has detailed the features here.

Also announced were plans to expand PlayStation Now into Europe with a beta expected to hit the UK in 2015. On top of that, European and PAL territories can expect the launch of PlayStation TV on 14 November at a price of €99, with free games. PS TV will be available on 14 November in Europe and on 14 October in the US.

A “horror game unlike any other” was re-introduced. Until Dawn has been re-focused and re-written for the PS4 and will feature “eight friends trying to survive a night from hell.” We’re not sure how good a set of friends they are as it appears that you choose who lives and dies… better not piss us off then.

DriveClub doesn’t want you to “go it alone”. But, it’s a race guys… Anyway, the companion app for the game will keep you connected to your friends and club at all times, so you’re never alone. Which is just kinda creepy actually. The game will feature dynamic weather which you can even control.

Media Molecule is bringing the “big screen adaption” of Tearaway to the PS4.

Housemarque – most recently of Resogun fame – revealed their new game Alienation which features… aliens. Of course.

Wild has you living (and most likely dying) in an open world with dynamic weather and seasons. It also lets you play as a human or any creature you like. It looks huge.

And then Jim Ryan hit the stage one last time to sign off and promise “no complacency” from PlayStation and that it was the “best place to play.” We kinda prefer our couches, but that’s just us.

Please note: This article may be updated with additional content from the press conference.

A few Sony related videos that were not shown on stage:


This trailer was shown but made no sense at the time really. Called ‘P.T.’ it is actually a new Silent Hill game called Silent Hills.