Playstation 4 remains Euro devs’ preferred console


The Playstation 4, for the second year running, remains the console platform of choice amongst European developers.

MCV cite GDC data which reveals 18 per cent of respondents are currently making a game for the PS4, versus 13 per cent for Xbox One.

The Europe State of the Industry 2014 Survey also shows that 33 per cent expect their next game to be for PS4, and 23 per cent in favour of the Xbox One.

The two forerunning “next-gen” consoles [we believe Nintendo has one too] didn’t compare to the numbers that PC and mobile gaming boast.

We’re not surprised with the 64 per cent figure looking to develop for mobile, because unfortunately core gamers are no longer the majority when it comes to “gaming.” The 58 per cent figure of developers working on a PC game comes as a bit of a surprise.

So there you have it, the majority of European developers want to develop games for your Aunty, little brother and granny; the “master race” comes in next; and then us over-paying “next-gen” core gamers are bottom of the pile.

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