Playstation 4 is a console “for gamers by gamers” reiterates Guerrilla Games co-founder


Sony are confident that the Playstation 4 was designed precisely as developers wanted. reiterates

“We’ve been very closely involved in the development of the machine,” Guerrilla Games co-founder Herman Hulst told The Guardian [via MCV].

“We’ve had [PS4 system architect] Mark Cerny over several times. We got the entire group of core developers together and gave deep feedback on everything system-related.

“It’s no longer designed in an Ivory tower somewhere in Tokyo, it’s shared with us, with Naughty Dog, with Sony San Diego – and together we’ve built the machine.

“As Mark said at one point during the launch event, it’s a console for gamers by gamers.”

The Playstation 3 was somewhat unique and while some developers thrived with the it, others not quite. This will apparently not be the case with the Playstation 4 which is being deemed as a much more developer friendly console.

Hulst says it is “great to work on because of the PC-like architecture.”

“It’s very easy for the engineers to get their heads around. We had the game up and running very early.

“We’ve now had two and a half years of development time, which was about what I’d want for a title of this scope – and the team size is about 150 people, it’s only a little bigger than Killzone 3.

“We’ve invested a lot in tools, and in various clever ways of having more and more detailed assets, but tools are the key – we’re getting smarter.”

Killzone: Shadowfall game director Steven Ter Heide added that, “one of the most positive parts of the development was the work on the controller.”

“We all had a secret meeting after E3 last summer and shared our own prototypes, we called it our science fair!

“There was lots of very open feedback and constructive criticism from a wide variety of studios. That was important because it meant we could build a controller that was a design classic but also embraced a new age.”

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