Playstation 4 convincingly beats Xbox One for ‘IGN’s Peoples Choice Award’


IGN, one of the web’s most viewed videogames publications, has been hosting a ‘People’s Choice Awards’ over the last month, pitting the Xbox One against the Playstation 4 in various categories.

The poll received over a million views and 600 000 votes over the period which resulted in some surprising results:

  • First off the controller – the people have spoken, and the Playstation 4 won here, claiming 68% of the votes over the Xbox One’s controller.
  • The hardware overall votes saw the Playstation 4 win by an even more convincing margin, claiming 71% of the votes.
  • The games library on offer for both consoles saw the closest race in the poll, but again the Playstation 4 exclusives won favour with 59% of the votes.
  • The online offering, applications and such, saw the Playstation 4 taking the victory again, claiming 62% of the votes.

The Xbox One did not manage a surprise swing vote – where fans were simply asked which they preferred – the Playstation 4 claimed the overall vote, taking the ‘IGN People’s Choice Award’ for the favourite next-gen console.

You can see the full video on IGN.

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