Playstation 3 Wins ‘Platform Of The Year’


Metacritic has officially crowned the Playstation 3 as the ‘platform of the year’ in their first ever platform rankings… fanboys all around the world will be either crying  a little inside or linking the article to everyone on their friends list.

If you don’t know how Metacritic works, they take a weighted average of critic grades and get to an overall score. It sort of works, but with game titles I write the top 3 scores off to being fanboys, the bottom 3 scores off to being haters and then get an average from the scores left, and it does work for me.

With this ‘Game Platform Power Rankings’ they took a variety of factors from quality and quantity of titles released during the year across the six major gaming platforms. And let’s face it, with Uncharted 2 in the arsenal and getting all the big titles that the rest got, like Modern Warfare 2 and Batman, it was always going to be a good year for the Playstation 3.

This from the article:

MetaCritic has placed Sony’s PlayStation atop their first annual Game Platform Power Rankings. Quoting – “Although Xbox 360 finished with the highest number of positively-reviewed titles (88 games receiving a Metascore of 75 or higher), and though Nintendo’s Wii had the largest total number of releases (a whopping 362, or almost one per day), the PS3 console showed the best overall game quality for the year. Among other factors, five of the 10 highest-scoring games in 2009 (for any platform) were PS3 titles, including the year’s top game: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves”.

Now… let the fanboy game’s begins.

See the full article and get a graphical view of the rankings.

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