Playstation 2 still ‘most used’ console in Japan

I am never surprised to hear that the Playstation 2 console is the most used console in say, third-world countries. Given the cost factor it is fully understandable that a less-than-strong economy prefers the cheaper console and titles to go along with it.

I was surprised to hear that the trusty console is still the most used console in the home of Playstation – Japan. A survey conducted to visitors of the Tokyo Game Show did in fact confirm that the PlayStation 2 remains Japan’s most-used console.

An overwhelming 70% of the 1000 attendees questioned in an exit poll by the General Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA) claimed to use their PS2s above and beyond other gaming hardware.

[Via GamesIndustryBIz]

Incidentally the reported figure has been reduced from a high of 79% in 2008.

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