Playing Guitar Hero Without The Guitar [HACKED]

Where there is a geek, there is a way.

Groups of Nerds from Microsoft, University of Washington and the University of Toronto have jointly developed a “muscle/computer interface” that enables them to play Guitar Hero without the Guitar, or controller for that matter.

Well that’s one way to get nerds to use their muscles.


The system – albeit in its early, lab-based days – is essentially a combination of sensors and gesture recognition software, the latter allowing the gamer to control Guitar Hero using a series of predefined movements.

The muscle computer interface does away with all that unnecessary button bashing

These signals then work with gesture-detecting software to ensure that when, for example, the gamer touches their index finger to their thumb, Guitar Hero interprets the movement as though they were touching the red button on the game’s plastic guitar.

Strumming, usually achieved on Guitar Hero by flexing the plastic guitar’s strummer switch, is now replicated when the gamer uses their left arm to strum an invisible guitar.

Sticking a variety of sensors about your person just to become an air-guitar god won’t work for everyone, so the developers are also working on a wireless system that could be integrated into an arm band.

They are also developing a wireless version of the Muscle computer interface, but unfortunately no plans to release the tech as a peripheral have been announced.