PES 2015 pre-orders get exclusive MyClub elements


We were more than a little shocked to hear PES 2015 won gamescom’s prestigious ‘Best Sports Game’ award. We’ve always been avid PES fans, but truth be told, Fifa has been the better soccer game for a few years now.

The Fox engine must of worked its magic on the pitch!

Anyway Ster Kinekor has informed us that pre-orders will receive exclusive elements for use within the game’s new myClub mode.

“This has been built around the UEFA Team of the Year, which includes 10,000 Game Points, 10 Recovery Items to assist the fitness of the squad, and 1 player picked at random from the team, voted by over 5 million people on” – Konami.

PES 2015 releases on November 13th for PlayStation 4, XboxOne, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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