PES 2014 gets Chile team licenses


Konami has penned a deal with the ‘Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Profesional’ to bring 18 Primera División teams to Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

And to keep things authentic, Chilean football announcers Fernando Solabarrieta and Patricio (“Pato”) Yáñez will be tasked with the commentary.

Some of the premier teams that will be included are Colo-Colo, Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica, Cobreloa, and Unión Española.

“For the next chapter in the Pro Evolution series, we have been working hard to secure licensing that will excite our fans.” said Tomoyuki Tsuboi, President of Konami.

“Even though the sport is globally celebrated; we understand how important it is for fans to be able to interact with their beloved hometown teams and players.”

The Pro Evolution Soccer series now holds licenses from around the world, including Europe’s premier club competition, the UEFA Champions League, the AFC Champions League, AFA Primera División teams and now some teams from the ANFP Primera División teams.

Incidentally, PES is the most popular football series in Latin America.

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