PC Gamers Boycott ‘Modern Warfare 2’

 by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira

The saga continues…

It looks like PC gamers are not taking the “no dedicated servers for MW2” situation seriously. Not only is there a huge petition going around for those campaigning against Infinity Award’s decision, but now an actual (non-official) boycott on the game is doing the rounds. Pre-orders for the title have plummeted on various online retailers, e-bay dropping a stated $50 million in orders alone. Infinity Award has assured gamers that they are aware of the petition by angered fans, but I wonder if they know of the ‘Infinity Award Lockout.’


According to Gaming Nexus the rules of this ‘lockout’:


1. Cancel your pre-orders immediately, do not buy Modern Warfare 2, do not recommend buying Modern Warfare 2.

2. Kotick likes publicity – good or bad.  Cease all participation on the Infinity Ward Forums.  Abandon them like they abandoned us.  Do not even flame, just disappear.

3. Do not talk about Infinity Ward, Activision, or Modern Warfare 2 unless it is referencing this boycott.

4. There’s no need to kill the messenger, but we could at least load him (FourZeroTwo) with loads of messages to take to his King.  Wouldn’t it be funny if hundreds of thousands of gamers emailed FourZeroTwo a personal boycott message?  Just saying, you can find his email address on his site…

5. Don’t buy future Infinity Ward publications until we receive what we want: what we’ve always had.

6. Use one of our collected IW Boycott Signatures in all forum accounts (found on the IW forums, credit due where it is deserved).


Besides the fact that this really upsetting gamers, I am sure that this is not sitting well with the various distributors and retailers that are associated with the distribution of the title, and the publishers should keep this in mind, they do have a responsibility to them after all. There are various gaming sites and articles regarding this subject and the message is pretty clear that gamers are not just willing to take what they are dished, not even with a title this big.


As we say in Africa – “AMANDLA”