Patcher Believes GTA V Release Date by November and Four More ‘Unannounced’ Rockstar Titles in the Works

In Michael Pachter’s E3 wrap-up note to investors  [as reported by GameSpot], the famous Wedbush gaming analyst says Rockstar Games are working on five unannounced projects. Patcher also says Grand Theft Auto V’s release date reveal is “virtually certain” to be by November.

Pachter noted that five Rockstar studio locations are currently working on their own discrete projects.Furthermore he believes given Take-Two’s high revenue expectations from Rockstar, one of these Rockstar projects is certain to launch by the March 2013 to coincide with the closing of Take-Two’s fiscal year.

Pachter believes Grand Theft Auto V will more than likely be released this fiscal year, but given the game’s absence at E3 this year, a pre-holiday release this year is “less likely.”

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