Probably the most famous of all the industry’s analysts, Michael Pachter, believes the PS Vita’s future is all doom and gloom, and that not even the Playstation 4’s connectivity could save it.

Speaking to GameInformer, Pachter cites the Sony handheld’s sales as “horrible.” He says the Vita’s 4.2 million units sold last year is a “pretty small number” and that he does not think Sony are going to build a business selling 4 million a year.

“Vita is a little bit too elegant and a little too expensive. I always feel like I’m going to break it. But then it has relatively few games because they are complicated to make and the market is so small,” claims Pachter.

“Very few publishers are spending money to make them. You had Assassin’s Creed: Liberation, that cost Ubisoft a lot. It’s a whole new adventure. Sony will spend the money with their internal studios, but you’re just going to see [Vita] die a slow, painful death.

“It’s super high-end in the market; it’s too expensive for a casual gamer. I know that phones are subsidized, but you can get a smartphone for free when you renew your contract,” he added.

Pachter went on to declare that he does not even believe the PlayStation 4 connectivity could boost Vita sales.

“They (Sony) were selling it as a controller because…I have to turn off the game on my TV because American Idol is on and I have to continue my session on my Vita? That’s what a DVR is for, you can watch American Idol later,” he explained.

“I think most people who have competing concerns about use of the console versus watching TV have their console on a different TV from where their wife is.

“I agree those are cool features, but it’s limited.”

He concluded by saying “there is no future” for the Vita, and that Sony couldn’t do any better with the handheld, because the market “is what it is because of Nintendo.”

“Nintendo built the market and Nintendo has the best name in handhelds. I just think [Sony] misjudged the size of the market and launched it into this s—storm of mobile destroying the casual end of dedicated handhelds.

“And Nintendo’s not giving up much share on the hardcore side, because they have three games to every one Sony game, and they are good games,” he explained.

Our opinion

While we wouldn’t dare to wager on the future of the Vita, we do think the Playstation 4 should boost the sales of the handheld, at least to the extent to warrant its continuation.

Anyone who has children who are bugging you to play Knack while you are watching a movie, that you don’t want to watch later, should agree.

Also, what about a last little bit of gaming in bed while your wife is reading? Playstation 4 games, in bed, on my private little screen, with my earphones on… Bliss!

Would you agree? Or do you think the Vita is in fact doomed?