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Coming straight outta Cape Town, and making “Punk-Rap”, P.H. Fat are Smooth Mike and Disco Izrael on vocals with Narch handling beats and production.  The band has just come off the back of a fantastic 2012 and has big plans for 2013.

Following an opening slot for Public Enemy at The Assembly at the end of 2010, the band released their debut album (‘Dinosaur Blood’) in February 2011.  Following the debut album’s success, the band made the brave decision to change the way they distributed their music… for free.  February 2012’s ‘You are Going to Die’ 6 track EP was released for the princely sum of nothing via their band website and it appears to have worked in their favour.  Their fanbase is constantly growing and the band have garnered rave reviews for their live sets.  You can check them out on Friday night at the Cape Town Tattoo Expo and decide for yourself.

Howdy P.H. Fat – please go ahead introduce yourselves.

Good day – P.H. Fat here.  We make party rap and have fun.

Would you consider yourselves gamers or just massive FIFA fans?

Narch:I would probably lean more towards FIFA, but I do enjoy other games like GTA, Battlefield and Skate.
Mike: I really dig digital chess and solitaire. I also clocked GTA San Andreas twice with no cheats once when I was supposed to be studying for my exams.
Disco: I play pretty much any good game that comes out on PC (I scour rating sites to find the best of the best) most of the time I will play a game for about 1 to 3 hours and then not pick it up again until years later. I enjoy FIFA if there are people around to play with.  I’m not nearly as good as Narch but I’ve beat him once or twice 🙂 My favourite genre would have to be RPGs, in all their forms.

Do you support real life football too?  Which teams?  And have you ever booted up FIFA after they’ve lost a game to exact revenge on their real life opposition?

Narch:Yes I do. I’m a light weight Chelsea supporter.
Mike: Whenever Narch watches a soccer game I support the other team.  I also watched the World Cup when it was here. That was awesome. Our homie got us fuckin’ fancy tickets to Switzerland versus Czech Republic. There were literally presidents of countries and shit sitting next us and chocolate fountains with strawberries. And it was fancy chocolate as well – not that shitty chocolate that they use for Easter eggs.
Disco: I like watching any good team.

Which console can you be found showing your skills off on?

Narch:Xbox all the way!
Mike: The PC key board.

You play the game (FIFA) pretty regularly and try to play against (and with) your fans too.  Ever worried that beating them might scare them off?

Narch:Never! I will put past as many goals as I can!
Mike: I have absolutely no chance of beating them at FIFA. I really suck at that game.
Disco:Goals are all that matter.

Do you have a set day that you play online?

Narch:I pretty much play a few games every day. It’s kinda like my little time out session from music and/or admin.

How can prospective opponents make their desire known?

They can tweet us @phfat / @narchbeats  or add Narch on Xbox Live “Narch Beats”.

There’s plenty of local FIFA tournaments happening around Cape Town (and SA in general) these days.  You guys should make a turn and show off your skills.  So… who’s the best player in PH Fat?

Myself (Narch) and Disco. Mike has an ice cubes chance in hell in beating us.
Mike: I have no chance against them at FIFA… I hate that game – but mostly because I don’t know how use an Xbox controller.
Disco: Haha.

Any other games that appeal?

GTA , Battlefield , LA Noire , Guild Wars 2, Far Cry 3, Hotline Miami. 

The South African music scene is not the most lucrative industry to make a living in, and you guys take it a step further by giving your music away for free.  Not to look a gift horse in the mouth… but why?  Can any group survive like that in SA?  I mean, you are self proclaimed “starving musician[s]” relying on the goodwill of your fans.  Charge for the music dammit! J

The short answer is yes. The money that small independent artists make off of music sales is negligible and we would rather legitimize the process of sharing ‘cos people do it anyways. I would say for a small independent artist in South Africa it would be easier to get by giving your music away (if you don’t do it like a moron and think that Facebook is advertising). We had one donation from someone in Australia that matched an entire year of album sales on all of the big online stores. We still own the rights to the music and have distributed it under an awesome license called a creative commons license which means that people can share it and enjoy it but if they make money off of it without informing or paying us – we own that money (don’t fuck with us on this one 😉 ).

2012 seems to have been a good year for the group.  What have been the highlights for you?

Highlights have been our album Launches, City of Thieves tour, LCD screens, Narch’s hair, Narch getting nominated for a SAMA, Mike excercising , music videos and realizing we can do this shit.

What do you guys have lined up for 2013?

We have another full length album coming out around March and we hoping on doing our first overseas tour this year. Oh and generally being the best.

Outside of music and FIFA, do you guys have any other hobbies?

Narch: Surf , skate , growing hair on my head and eating.
Mike: I surf and skateboard and collect old synths and music equipment. Do festivals count as a hobby? [Sure, we count collecting brains as one – Undead Ed]
Disco: Making beats, playing games and swimming in the suburbs. 

Slightly serious stuff over…

You’re stranded on a desert island and a genie grants you five items.  Name them:

A game:
Mike: Some type of infinity game.
Narch: Treasure Island.
Disco:Baldurs Gate 2 (the only game I regret not finishing completely).

Mike: That’s not a fair question.
Narch: Ambient music.
Disco:It would be a mix CD of my favourites.

A movie or TV series:
Mike: Something really long.
Narch: Workaholics.
Disco:2001: A Space Odyssey or Dark City or Gattaca.

An organic life form:
Mike:Narch or Disco.
Narch: OG Kush.
Disco:Pet pineapple.

Something edible or drinkable:
Narch: OG Kush.
Disco:OG Kush.

The zombie apocalypse has happened.  You’re facing down a ravenous zombie.  What weapon do you grab?

Narch: My fist.
Mike: A tank… no one can fuck with a tank.
Disco: A super sharp pencil!

In the aforementioned zombie apocalypse you humans are all toast.  Become a turncoat and assist the superior zombies or stay with the soon to be wiped out human resistance?

Mike: Ride over them with my tank. I once clocked an entire level of Command and Conquer by squashing  infantry with a harvester.
Disco: Join the zombies, secretly infiltrate their upper ranks, kill the zombie queen, and teach them religion.

P.H. Fat Going to DieYou can download the band’s latest single City of Thieves HERE.

The band can be caught live over the next few weeks at these venues on the following dates:

25 Jan: Cape Tattoo Expo, City Hall, Cape Town
1 Feb: Origin, Durban
2 Feb: Sasha Night club, Durban
8 Feb: Campus Invasion, Cape Town, Green Market Square.

Support your local starving musician, and follow the band on Twitter, like them on Facebook, check out their official website or watch them on their YouTube Channel.

Show Official Band Bio: »

P.H.Fat are: 

Smooth Mike – Vocals

Disco Izrael – Vocals

Narch – Beats and Production

“They are currently saving our souls from the stagnation of the Saturday night main stage line-up. P.H.Fat throws down beats that break your face on the pavement outside your house at 3am in the morning.” (www.viceland.com)

PHFAT had a very  busy 2012, with sold out national club tours, main stage Festival slots at Splashy Fen and Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, Ramfest Electro stage and Oppikoppi Redbull stage, Synergy and finishing of the year at Rezonance NYE party, the year of the Snake 2013 promises to be the most exciting year yet. After of busy December touring the coast, PHFAT are hard at work in the studio writing their first full length album due for release end of the Summer, the guys are planning an extensive tour to promote the album in South Africa and then they will be hoping over to Australia to launch the album in a new territory.

PHFAT have a very special release planned for this Album and the fans are in for an exciting time.

The band was nominated for an award for “Best Dance Video” at this Year’s MK Awards. PHFAT have been awarded a MK MVP, and will be launching a new music video this summer for their single City Of Thieves Directed by Rio Allan and produced by CAB films.

Watch City of Thieves Video

Their most recent single title, City of Thieves is currently play listed on high rotation on 5FM National Radio and various campus radio stations.

Download City of Thieves Single HERE

UK-born director, Ryan Kruger, (Enigma Ace Films) recently shot Jack Parow and PHFat’s music video for “Spring Moederfokker”.

Rolling Stone Review                          Jack Parow & PHFat – Spring Moederfokker (Official)

Following the success of their debut album “Dinosaur Blood” on 11 February 2011 on acclaimed US label Muti Music, the band has decided to break the traditional mould of a record label financed release; and will launch their 6 track EP titled “You are going to Die” for FREE and independently through their website www.phfat.co.za on 20 February 2012.

Fans are able to download the EP from their website and, if they choose to, donate money to the band using one of three ways – EFT, Paypal or SMS (sending ‘PHFAT’ to 38549 will donate R10).

The three-piece, consisting of Smooth Mike (vocals), Disco Izrael (vocals) and Narch (beats and production), have recognised that in an increasingly competitive market where fan engagement comes at a premium, artists cannot afford to follow traditional marketing models. This is why, even with offers from record labels, P.H.Fat decided to go the independent route and, in a completely revolutionary move for the SA music industry, make the music available to their fans for free.

“The three psychedelic-bass-rap-making maniacs from Cape Town, P.H.FAT, took the Nokia tune and made it into something “completely different from the original, but subconsciously still present”. -blog.nokia.co.za

Download the PHFAT Nokia Ringtone Remix – HERE

‘You Are going to Die’ Promo:

Redbull  Article                     MK Article and Video                       Rolling Stone SA  Article 

Album Reviews: 

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P.H.FAT launched their début album “Dinosaur Blood” on 11 February 2011 on acclaimed US label, Muti Music and as a FREE bonus C.D with the Mahala 2 Magazine.

Theirfirst single  “The Big Five ft Fuzzy Slippers” reached the no1 position on MFM`s SA Top 10, as well as play listing on the Tuks Fm. The Video of “The Big Five ft Fuzzy Slippers” charted for six weeks on MK`s Top 10 Chart and reached no 2.


 P.H.FAT are three maniacs from Cape Town who make Punk-Rap that smacks hard enough to make you sweat mayonnaise.

P.H.FAT opened for Public Enemy at The Assembly in Cape Town in December 2010 and it marked the stepping stone for South African rap music and cemented a future in music for PHFAT.

Narch is the fusion between Hip-Hop and Electronic music. With his distinct sound and cemented style, he has had releases locally and abroad and has also worked with Afrikaans rap sensation “Jack Parow” and produced 2 tracks for his début album.

Mike recently finished his degree in Psychology and has been making music in his mind since before he was born and about four years ago he decided that it would be okay for the world to hear what his brain sounded like.

Disco Izrael was born in the future but travelled to Cape Town 4 years ago in search of futuristic Opportunities in music and art. His love for fantasy, rap and hot beats inspires his creativity.


P.H.Fat’s debut album “Dinosaur Blood” is swampy mix of gut-stirring bass and sticky psycho-delic dubby beats overlaid with luscious lyrics, which, when experienced, feels like the musical equivalent of a sweaty bone-crushing hug from a sexy alien from outer space. “Dinosaur Blood” is an aural mind f**k for sure.




”Mike and Disco, the cracked-up Kiwi bird and the mystical penguin, spit their rhymes through

easily the best set of the entire festival. PHfat destroy, there is simply no other word for it, utter

death by bass. It’s great to see a band who don’t take themselves seriously – Mike’s monkey

impersonation is the stuff of comic legends. This is not to say that they don’t take what they do

seriously, one look at Narch’s professional solidity is enough”-


“P.H.Fat were a blur of monkey jumping, avos, sandwiches and cds being thrown at the crowd.”

” …It was great. They put on probably the most epic show at Oppikoppi.” – www.dontparty.co.za

P.H.Fat , and their motto, “dance so hard you blood turns to mayonnaise”, bring social satire and

darkness to their mish-mash of experimental rap/electro. Masters of localized lyrical

masterstrokes, “Eskom’s coming! Turn out the lights”, is one of their most celebrated song lines.

In addition their superstar-less, diva-free nature and sardonic self-deprecating humour, make

them a crazy enjoyable live act.” www.whatsupcapetown.co.za

”The overall performance grabs your inhibitions and tosses them out the window. Before you

know it your body is moving to the beat without your mind needing to govern it: probably being as

close to an out-of-body experience as you’ll ever come” www.sixlove.co.za

“Narch dishes out psychedelic LSD flavoured electronic BASS, while Mike Z and Disco Spit

Rhymes that assume control of Soul, and put you in to a Head bopping zombie like-trance So I

warn you, make sure you reinforce your neck bones and ear drums Due to the amount of head

banging that their LIVE Sets bring out of you!” – http://www.dankage.com



Official Website       Facebook Page      Twitter Page                 


Music                         Music Videos           Band Page




YOU ARE GOING TO DIE E.P – www.phfat.co.za 

Dinosaur Blood Album download:  iTUNES   Addictech


Official Kill the Universe

PHFAT You are going to Die Launch Video 

Official The Big Five ft. Fuzzy Slippers 

Dinosaur Blood Album Launch 2011 

Live at Synergy Festival 2010 


Management and Booking:

Brendan Sterley

Apollo Artist Agency

Cell: +27 82  3361836

Email: Brendan@apolloartists.co.za


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