OXM “Trusted” Sources Have Seen Working Version of Time Splitters4

If The Official Xbox Magazine’s “trusted” sources are sound, then we could have a much want TimeSplitters 4 in the works.

CVG report that the OXM sources say they have seen a working version of the game, but also said that a definite release for the sequel to the TimeSplitters franchise; which released on the previous generation of consoles, is still not guaranteed.

“Trusted OXM sources have claimed that they’ve seen TimeSplitters 4 running,” said the magazine.

“That’s no guarantee that it’ll be released – at least one version of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 was cancelled without ever being announced – but it’s a promising sign.”

Crytek UK have previously expressed interest inbringing a new iteration to market, and rumours were sparked around the studio that are famed for their sci-fi shooters.

The Playstation Magazine UK has also suggested that we could have a reveal soon.


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